Birmingham Green

According to new data released by the Virginia Department of Health on Friday June 19, Birmingham Green in Manassas has had 33 deaths related to COVID-19. 

Nearly two-thirds of Northern Virginia's deaths due to COVID-19 have occurred in outbreaks at the region's long-term care facilities, according to an InsideNoVa analysis of Virginia Department of Health data released Friday. 

At least 557 patients at the region's nursing homes and assisted living centers have died from the virus since the pandemic began in March, the analysis shows. The Northern Virginia region has reported 853 deaths altogether as of Thursday.  The number of deaths at the long-term facilities is actually slightly higher than that because exact numbers for facilities with between one and four deaths was not reported in order to protect individuals' privacy. For analysis purposes, InsideNoVa assumed those facilities had one death apiece.

The number of cases at the region's facilities totals 3,181, or about 10.6 percent of the region's nearly 30,000 coronavirus cases.  Cases at the facilities include both patients and staff, the health department said. 

Among Northern Virginia's five health districts, Loudoun County has the highest percentage of its COVID-19 deaths at long-term care facilities, 76.8%.  The lowest is 40.8% in the Prince William Health District, although that number is probably higher due to the number of facilities with suppressed data.

The Prince William district, which includes the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park, also had the lowest percentage of its COVID-19 cases at long-term facilities, 4.9%.  The highest percentage is 20.5% in Arlington.

State and local health departments had previously refused to release specific data about outbreaks in long-term care facilities, citing a section of state code. However, Gov. Ralph Northam ordered the data released Friday. 

"Due to the widespread nature of this pandemic, it is now unlikely that releasing facility information would compromise anonymity or discourage facilities from participating in a public health investigation," a release from the governor's office said.  The release also cited recently released data from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that has been inconsistent, creating public confusion. 

The federal data released two weeks ago showed that the region had 241 deaths and 903 cases of COVID-19 at nursing homes, but the data did not include assisted-living facilities, which fall under different regulations, some information was incorrectly reported, and facilities were only required to report cases and deaths since May 1. Some facilities reported cumulative data since the pandemic began, however, causing more inconsistencies.

The data released by the state today includes outbreaks at both nursing homes and long-term care facilities and is cumulative based on reporting to the state health department.  An outbreak is defined as two or more cases of the virus. 

Eight facilities across the region have reported more than 20 deaths due to COVID-19, with Annandale Healthcare Center reporting the most, 51, followed by Leewood Healthcare Center in Fairfax with 35 and Birmingham Green in Manassas with 33.

Nine facilities reported more than 100 cases of the virus among patients and staff.

Earlier article on data release and Gov. Northam's announcement of additional aid for long-term care facilities.

Long-term care facility outbreaks in Northern Virginia

SOURCE: Virginia Department of Health data released June 19, 2020.

* - Facility had between 1 and 4 outbreaks or deaths; exact number suppressed for privacy reasons.

Health District Facility Cases Deaths
Alexandria Envoy of Alexandria 56 8
Hermitage in Northern Virginia 30 5
Silverado 29 7
Sunrise of Alexandria 17 *
The Fountains at Washington House 19 *
Woodbine Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center 32 *
Pct. Of Total for Health District 8.30% 47.90%
Arlington Brookdale Assisted Living 49 10
Cherrydale Health & Rehabilitation Center 143 28
Culpepper Garden * 0
Manor Care Health Services - Arlington 87 15
Regency Care of Arlington 137 30
Sunrise at Bluemont Park 14 *
Sunrise of Arlington 21 *
The Jefferson 38 9
Pct. Of Total for Health District 20.50% 74.60%
Fairfax Aarondale Retirement and Assisted Living Center * 0
Annandale Healthcare Center 156 51
Arbor Terrace at Herndon 5 *
Arbor Terrace Memory Care 19 8
Arden Courts of Annandale 13 5
Arden Courts of Fair Oaks 5 *
Arleigh Burke Pavilion 46 6
Bright View Woodburn 28 9
Brightview of Great Falls 7 *
Burke Health Care Center 129 20
Chesterbrook Residences 31 7
Dulles Health & Rehab 101 18
Fairfax Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 68 9
Gardens at Fair Oaks 9 *
Goodwin House - Bailey's Crossroads 25 *
Great Falls Assisted Living 19 6
Greenspring Village Assisted Living 67 19
Harmony at Chantilly 19 *
Harmony at Spring Hill 6 0
Heatherwood Retirement Community 50 11
Hunter's Woods at Trails Edge 7 *
Iliff Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 78 12
Larmax Homes 17 *
Leewood Healthcare Center 115 35
ManorCare Health Services -Alexandria 76 6
ManorCare Health Services -Fair Oaks 134 9
Mount Vernon Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 76 13
Powhatan Nursing Home * 0
Renaissance of Annandale 27 *
Spring Hills Mount Vernon * 0
Stevenson's Place * 0
Sunrise Assisted Living of McLean 59 14
Sunrise at Mount Vernon 16 *
Sunrise of Hunter Mill * 0
Sunrise of Springfield 22 *
Sylvestery of Vinson Hall 8 0
Tall Oaks 48 11
The Fairfax at Belvoir Woods 11 *
The Kensington Falls Church 33 6
The Lincolnian 26 *
The Virginian Retirement Community 146 26
Tysons Woods Assisted Living 10 *
Pct. Of Total for Health District 12.80% 70.80%
Loudoun Ashby Ponds 62 10
Atria Sterling 19 *
Heritage Hall Nursing and Rehab 90 14
Johnson Center at Falcons Landing 47 *
Potomac Falls Health and Rehab Center 86 21
Sunrise at Countryside 14 5
Tribute at One Loudoun 48 10
Waltonwood at Ashburn 9 *
Pct. Of Total for Health District 10.70% 76.80%
Prince William Arbor Terrace Sudley Manor 22 9
Birmingham Green 132 33
Envoy of Woodbridge 70 *
Gainesville Health and Rehabilitation 67 8
Harbor Chase 14 5
Lake Manassas Health and Rehabilitation 8 *
Manassas Health & Rehabilitation Center 11 *
Potomac Place 28 *
Tribute at the Glen 9 *
Westminster at Lake Ridge 27 *
Willow Oaks Assisted Living at Birmingham Green 28 *
Pct. Of Total for Health District 4.90% 40.80%
Pct. Of Total for Region 10.60% 65.30%


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Tom Fitzpatrick

Insidenova, please do an article on the typical financial contract between a long term care recipient, and the care provider.

It is my understanding, that residents sign over all of their assets to the facilities in exchange for an open ended care arrangement. Which, if true, would encourage care facilities to not lengthen the lifespans of their residents. Please explore, and report.


Yet playgrounds are still closed. Talk of no school in the fall. This is truly unbelievable


Ralph Northam has blood on his hands. He and Cuomo shared strategies to have COVID recovering patients moved into nursing homes. Massive deaths resulted. He should resign.


Trump has blood on his hands. He restricted and redirected PPE from the states to the Federal Government. He disseminated misinformation since January and still has not provided a national strategy to combat the virus. He has eliminated any oversight of COVID funding.He does not explicitly endorse wearing a mask to reduce the transmission (and before you make a political argument about it, look at the countries that have significantly reduced the spread because of facemask mitigation). He has recently said that he told governors to reduce the amount of testing "because the numbers are too high". Over 120,000 Americans have died on his watch, and he has done worse than nothing. He should resign.

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