Lake Ridge explosion map

Prince William County fire investigators say charges are pending after a small explosion Monday led to the discovery of a second undetonated device in Lake Ridge.

Police and fire crews were called to the 3000 block of Bridgeton Court off Mohican Road at 8:05  p.m. for a report of an explosion in the area.

"On arrival, remnants of a possible minor explosion were located in an outdoor common area of the townhome development," Prince William County fire and rescue said in a news release.

A undetonated device was located nearby and made safe by the state police.

A person of interest was identified and questioned. There were no injuries or structural damage to surrounding buildings, fire officials said.

The incident appears to be random and there is no threat to the community.

"Earlier non-official outlets may have reported this as a pipe bomb incident," the release said. "At this time it does not appear to be pipe bomb but rather some sort of other homemade or commercial device."

Charges are pending and the investigation is continuing by the county fire marshal's office.


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Paul Benedict

It's fireworks, Sherlock.

Jerzy Brick


The word "Fireworks" is highly offensive to the detonation and celebratory community, could I please ask you to tone it down a bit? Please refer to them as their new name, "Artistic projectiles" so that no one is offended and that all are accepted. Because in the name of art, we are all one. And our Country's independence is a thing of the past also. If we're going to accelerate into the future, there will no longer be 4th of July celebrations. The 4th of July is offensive, and doesn't belong here anymore. Our past doesn't define us, only our art will. We will create a new Independence day once we begin to settle on Mars and co-exist with our new intergalactic comrades, in the name of science!


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