Police on the scene of the Gannett building in McLean after reports of a man with a gun. Photo courtesy Fairfax police

Fairfax County police Chief Ed Roessler has given an all-clear after officers searched "every inch" of the Gannett headquarters building in McLean following a 911 call of an ex-employee in the building with a gun.

Roessler said officers had talked to the person reported in the building with a weapon around noon, and that the individual was not at the Gannett building and there was no evidence a crime took place.

Just before noon, police received the 911 report of a person with a weapon in the building at 7950 Jones Branch Drive, which houses the offices of the headquarters USA TODAY.

"Alarms sounded at the building as police squad cars converged on the scene," USA TODAY wrote on its website. "Law enforcement officers with rifles and body armor were patrolling the area and a helicopter hovered overhead."

Roessler said police are still investigating exactly what happened, and if the ex-employee had been in the building at some point today. But as of 3 p.m., the police determined there was no threat.

"We can use this as a learning lesson," the chief said. "Everyone in the building did the right thing, they saw something out of place and reported it."

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Sounds more like a liberal wet their pants over soemone legally carrying. This type of idiocy is why so-called red flag laws are dangerous.

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