Heather Mitchell

Republican Heather Mitchell is running for the 2nd District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. 

Republican Heather Mitchell on Saturday became the official GOP nominee to run in January's special election for the 2nd District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

The seat is being vacated by Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, who announced Tuesday she is resigning to focus on her run for the Democratic nomination for governor.

Carroll Foy, first elected to the House in 2017, defeated Mitchell for the seat in 2019 with 61% of the vote to Mitchell's 39%.  The 2nd District consists of portions of eastern Prince William County and northern Stafford County. 

Mitchell, who lives in Stafford, is the spouse of an active duty prior-enlisted Marine Corps officer and has three children. She previously worked as an aide to the Prince William Board of County Supervisors chairman.

“I once was a single mom who held three jobs, so I understand the radical uncertainty – and difficult trade-offs – COVID-19 has brought upon families and our community,” Mitchell said in a news release. “Yet instead of committing themselves to the fight against this unprecedented global health crisis, Democrats in Richmond have turned their backs against our frontline workers, our heroes in blue, by working to defund our police.”

Two Democratic candidates have announced plans to run for the seat: Woodbridge resident Pamela Montgomery and Dumfries resident Candi King.

The Democrats are expected to select their nominee this weekend, as the slate of candidates will be finalized Monday.  The special election will be Jan. 5 so the winner can be seated for the 2021 session of the General Assembly, which begins Jan. 13. 

The winner will have to run for re-election in the fall to a full two-year term, although the boundaries of the district may change if a statewide redistricting plan is adopted in the meantime. 

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(9) comments

Colonel Trautman

Absolutely no way the media will tolerate a white republican getting fair news coverage.

Paul Benedict

She looks like she might be 1/1024 Native American, so she may have a shot.

Henry Howell

She announces her candidacy with a lie she deserve to be nowhere near the House of Delegates.

Lance Livestrong

You must have the "Insider" information again!

What about your old pal Lee Carter and his proof of service in the Marines?


Paul Benedict

A lie? What are you talking about?

But she will have a big challenge against the big money from out of state donors to her opponent, and against the foreign money hidden in political action committees that will oppose her.

James Hurysz

Show us your evidence that *any* Democratic-majority governing body in Virginia has actually "defunded" a police agency?

Henry Howell

Her lie is fearmongering that Dems will "dEfUnd tHe pOLicE" absolutely deranged nonsense. Lee Carter served in the marines unlike you.

Lance Livestrong

"Lee Carter served in the marines unlike you."

Hear you tell it....

"Her lie is fearmongering that Dems will "dEfUnd tHe pOLicE" absolutely deranged nonsense."


Soooooo, is that the case for Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Austin, Richmond, Madison, Charlotte, Boston, New York, Oakland, Berkeley, (I know im missing other cities)

As well?!


Paul Benedict

Defunding the police is the #1 priority of the democratic party. And #2 is expanding abortion services in communities of color.

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