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Julian Darius Karapetkov

The Loudoun County Fire Marshal’s Office has charged a man with six felonies, including attempted murder, in connection with car explosions and a fire in Sterling earlier this month.

Julian Darius Karapetkov was arrested Monday, officials said.                                                                             

Just after 4 a.m. on Sept. 4, the Loudoun County Emergency Communications Center received a 911 call reporting a house fire on Whittingham Circle. Fire and rescue units from Loudoun and Fairfax counties responded to find two vehicles on fire in the driveway and fire showing from the front of the residence, Loudoun County fire and rescue said in a news release.

Firefighters worked quickly to extinguish the fire and search for additional hazards. Two occupants had evacuated upon hearing loud explosions from the vehicle fire and were located safely outside. There were no injuries to first responders. Damages to the vehicles and home are estimated at $200,000.

While performing the fire origin and cause investigation, evidence was found indicating an accelerant had been used to intentionally set two vehicles and the house on fire.

After consultation with the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, Karapetkov was charged with two counts of attempted murder in the commission of arson; burning or destroying a dwelling house; two counts of burning or destroying personal property and stalking. He was held without bond at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.


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Fake Commenter

Nobody's poor, everyone is suffering from Biden's inflation. Thank the democrats for that.

John Dutko

Oh! Another political Mad Libs!

Nobody's poor, everyone is suffering from Trump's grifting. Thank the MAGA Republicans for that.

Harry Morant

Everyone is suffering from the Chinese financed plot to destroy our Country, aided by the Biden Crime Family and their moron minions, like Johnny!

Duke Nukem

Harry, have you heard the democrats and the FBI were closer than the Trump's ever were to the Russians and Putin? Forget the Chinese! GitHUB Johnny is on board! Normies going about their lives in ignorance tho.

John Dutko

Duke, have you heard of the satanic pedophiles who have been trying to take over the Republican party? Totally a thing. They adopt a holier than-thou-art attitude but have a side hustle where they creep on kids and then drink their blood in ritualistic sacrifice. We are only hearing about it now with the Dairy Queen prophet who was sent by the LORD to warn us of the evil machinations.

Mike Hunt

John Dutko, trust fund millennial who spends all day responding on here while the rest of us work.

John Dutko

Work is for suckers.

Paul Benedict

This same Doofus was charged with "WITH INTENT TO CAUSE FEAR OF DEATH, ASSAULT OR INJURY" (whatever that means) back in February in Richmond. Then a month later he was charged with not showing up in court. He's a winner!

John Dutko Re-Incarnated

He still thinks he’s over fighting Biden’s proxy war for the globalists. Air drop him back into Ukraine.

John Dutko

Oh wait! I can play this game!

He must be trying to burn the evidence of Trumps stolen classified documents. Shuttle him off to Mar-a-Lago.

Duke Nukem

So are you the true Medal of Honor recipient? I'm confused....Thank you for your service btw.

John Dutko

Yes, I am as much the MOH recipient as you are the failed video game hero (the first one is a classic though).

Dick Grayson

Trash lime this can not be redeemed and should not be warehoused. Death penalty has value and purpose

John Dutko

Since the death penalty in this situation is quantified by monetary value, white collar criminals should be made to eat their own genitals and then flayed.

CarWash Bonzai

Look at this violent ruffian. The Ukrainian refugees already here acting up. Give him 20 years and a deportation back to Eastern Europe.

John Dutko

Where is your source that he is a Ukrainian refugee? Or are we just going off of the last name (which mostly aligns with Bulgarian origin)?

Dick Grayson

You must have a lot of time to google crap on your Fed Govt wasteful taxpayer financed job.

John Dutko

You must be poor.

Duke Nukem

Must be rich then from all the taxpayer dollar bills. Amirite?

John Dutko

Yep! AND...I get a pension.

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