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The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office says Stone Colburn, wanted for concealing a dead body after being released from custody on murder charges, was arrested Friday in Georgia.

Colburn was taken into custody by the Pooler Police Department in Chatham County, Ga., the sheriff's office said.

Colburn was released from the Loudoun County jail on Thursday, but why is unclear.

The sheriff’s office said said he was released "after his original murder charges from July 2021 were dismissed by the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney."

But Commonwealth's Attorney Buta Biberaj told WTOP News that the sheriff's office statement was misleading.

“Our office is greatly disappointed by the LCSO’s recent press release that mischaracterizes the release of Colburn and their lack of accountability. It attempts to mislead the public and unfairly shift the blame to our office,” Biberaj said.

Colburn was charged with second-degree murder and unlawfully, stab, cut, wound in the commission of felony, in connection with the stabbing death of his brother's 24-year-old girlfriend, Natalie Crow, in Round Hill.

Colburn had been in jail since the crime, and was found to be mentally incompetent after being given a mental health evaluation, WTOP reported.

"After prosecutors failed to get a second mental health evaluation, the commonwealth’s attorney decided not to go forward with prosecuting the murder charge, instead serving a new charge," WTOP reported. "The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office said relevant documents confirming charges of concealing a dead body were given to the jail and lead detective."

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(10) comments


Loudoun County does it again go blue hahahahahahahha let the murder charge drop thanks Dems

Lynne June

This guy needs to be off the streets. To everyone talking about this guy being Dem or Rep, he’s probably neither; too stoned to make a decision and too lazy to register to vote.

CarWash Bonzai

Anything that they said this cannibal did? He did it. This is the FACE of Youngkin's Virginia. Lock this neanderthal up. When it's sickos like this, people want to bring up mental insanity. No, it's in his genetics to be a savage. May the victims rest in peace.

Mike Hunt

“ released from custody on murder charges”. Can thank the Loudoun County liberals for that, most noteworthy the diversity DA hire.

Change Craford

Mike and Paul, this is your boy! Trump/Youngkin trash.

Dick Grayson

You simple clown, LC is as blue as toilet water

Paul Benedict

The guy has a long and violent criminal history. Loudoun County prosecutors have failed us once again. Your comment "Change" suggests you are about as smart as the Loudoun County prosecutors.

John Dutko

I am so hyped about this soon-to-be Netflix mini-series!

Paul Benedict

Hey, I would watch it.

Paul Benedict

Why were the original charges dropped? Can Loudoun County prosecutors get any more stupid?

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