Tackett's Mill shooting scene on Dec. 22. Photo courtesy Yuris Sanchez

A 22-year-old Woodbridge man has died and a Pennsylvania man is charged with murder in a Tuesday night triple shooting in Lake Ridge.

The shooting occurred about 9:30 p.m. in the 12700 block of Harbor Drive. When officers arrived, they found 22-year-old Matthew Joseph Costanzo of Woodbridge and an 18-year-old woman, in the parking lot suffering from gunshot wounds, Prince William County police 1st Sgt. Jonathan Perok said.

Officers provided immediate first aid to the victims until rescue personnel arrived. Meanwhile, a 19-year-old man was located on Tacketts Village Square also suffering from gunshot injuries. Officers provided immediate first aid to that man until he and the two victims were taken to an area hospital for treatment, Perok said.  A short time later, Costanzo died of his injuries at the hospital.

A police K-9 and helicopter assistance from Fairfax County police aided in the search for any suspects and police located a suspect nearby on Gorham Way, Perok said 

Police say the victims and suspect met in the parking lot at Tacketts Village Square to conduct a narcotics transaction, with the suspect and the 19-year-old shooting victim in one car and the other victims and a third man in another car.

During the encounter, the accused and the 19-year-old man fired into the second vehicle, striking the two victims, Perok said. The third man in the second vehicle was not injured.  Immediately after the shooting, the suspects fled on foot.

Detectives have charged Daquil Raheem Smith, 19, Philadelphia, Pa., with murder, aggravated malicious wounding and use of a firearm in a felony, Perok said. He is held without bond at the Prince William-Manassas regional jail. Charges are pending against the 19-year-old male suspect who remains hospitalized. 

The female victim suffered serious injuries and is expected to survive. The investigation continues.


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Lezlie Lamb

Violent crime happens in every neighborhood; to members of every socio-economic group; as does narcotic addiction. I know it comforts people to think that it's a problem that has nothing to do with them; but it happens in McLean; it happens in Reston; it happens on military bases, it happens to Ministers' families, it happens on college campuses, in apartment communities,and in estate homes.It happens to the hopeless, and it happens to people at the top of their field. It happens to the children of committed married couples, college educated professionals and church-going, bible-reading folks. People, of all kinds, take a wrong turn in life or get mixed up in something they didn't see coming. If it hasn't happened to anyone YOU know, then congratulations. That makes you unique; but it doesn't make you better than anyone else.

Mike Hunt

Life in da hood....if there were more social programs paired with reparations, I’m sure this event would have been avoided.


Between this shooting and the Halloween shooting of four people resulting in 2 deaths, it’s looking like it’s open season on PWC residents. When is

the Commonwealth’s Attorney going to start using the death penalty? These shooters know Paul Ebert ain’t in charge anymore so why not just shoot first and the law be damned.

Local union 639

It’s like do farts have lumps? Of course not you just 💩 your pants

John Dutko



the comments on this post are disgusting and truly a shame. A mother has lost her son, her child. people are injured, have some sympathy. Ive lived in woodbridge almost all of my life and town housing and introduction of different family incomes has done everything BUT make it a “worse” community. so sorry that this place isnt a rich white suburb?? its a community of MANY people with different backgrounds and situations who are all PEOPLE non the less. Show some respect.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

@maddiemejia - You stated “the comments on this post are disgusting and truly a shame”, as if your own words are exempt. Well, they’re not. Your racial stereotyping was flagrantly offensive. Something I find “truly a shame”.


You can thank Cory Stewart for what he turned what was at one time one of the best counties in America to live and raise your children. He sold out the county so he could fund all his embarrassing bad statewide races. Now thanks to Cory Stewart we have to live next to some of the most evil disgusting people on the East Coast.


Unfortunately the deceased was a wannabe thug that was really short on brain cells. You can ask anyone in that neighborhood and they can tell you this was gonna happen

Change Craford

Most of you folks on here make this a political thing everyday. Who cares who party you affiliate yourself with, but if you claim to be Republican, I guess you are fine with the so-called "law and order" president who just pardoned murders. You folks have no morals or integrity and can't even think for yourselves. You wonder why you aren't invited over to your family members or friends homes anymore.

Paul Benedict

Derek, your cluelessness continues. Maybe you will understand better when you grow up. The so called "pardoned murders" you are talking about were done in a time of war by contractors for our country who thought a diplomatic convoy they were assigned to protect was under attack. Things like that happen in war.

I write this as I have gathered with family for Christmas in deviance of our vile racist governor.


Trying to justify those contractors WAR CRIMES makes me sick to my stomach. They all had their hands raised....stop the nonsense! I wonder if you would say the same crap if it was your 9 ur old that was killed by them (youngest victim was 9)

Paul Benedict

Spare me the BS Yak. My son-in-law's buddy was killed by "civilian" with his hands up.

Brad London

They indeed were murderers who were rightfully convicted and could only be pardoned by someone who is a criminal himself who who has no respect for the rule of law in this country. Hopefully a year from now he'll also be convicted for his crimes.


Spare you the BS ? that's funny since you are the one justifying the pardoning of WAR CRIMINALS and comparing it with your freaking son-in law's buddy's cousin's cousin killed by a civilian.... I am sure others found that entertaining.


Ahh the democratic dream is now in PWC - more violence, and higher taxes coming soon to fund the justice warrior agenda! 🙄

Skeptical Prince William

I wonder how this will impact Supervisor Boddye, given that it happened right outside his office door.

Lon G Johnson

Good thing McRib is only a seasonal item or else we’d have a bloodbath on our hands!

ex-Hoodbridge resident

Peter Newsham will have the distinct honor of arresting the same people in two different jurisdictions. I have lived in PWC for 44 years going back to High School and have seen lots of changes. Aside from getting a minor league team (which we lost) not much has been for the better. Our supervisors loaded Hoodbridge and Manassas with town house after town house developments and other high density housing and ruined the best kept secret in Northern Virginia. I fled the Bridge to the Western end 20 years ago and I see a lot of parallels between what happened in Hoodbridge and what's starting to happen on the Western end. 10 years from now the Linton Hall Road corridor will be next. Once the Western end goes then the whole county is done. That new development that they are talking about building in Hoodbridge is like putting lipstick on a pig


This is what you get when you build low income/high density housing. It is only going to get worse. Democrats will chime in and say crime is everywhere and we are overreacting but I have seen this with my own eyes.


Two of the 3 that were shot were not even from that area but visiting family and one lost his life. They have a brand new baby. Making this political shows a great amount of poor taste on your part. A baby will now grow up without his father and his mother was also shot in the stomach. A little respect could be shown no matter who you voted for.

Lynne June

I’m sorry, Liz, but since this newborn baby had two parents purchasing narcotics in a parking lot, it’s future was doomed from the start. Yes, it’s sad that someone lost his life but a father addicted to narcotics is not a good father. Full stop.

John Dutko

Curious as to what you think the qualifications of what a good parent should be and how many do not or cannot live up to those lofty expectations.

Lynne June

@Bean, qualifications of good parents? Let’s start with certainly not people who are engaged in a narcotics deal in a parking lot.

Lon G Johnson

Respect for travel restrictions would have saved a life ..just sayin

John Dutko

Your dog whistle is a bit loud there.


Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago is proud that this shooting didn’t happen there.

Paul Benedict

I'm sure Chicago had plenty of shootings last night. Unfortunately, once prestigious Lake Ridge is quickly becoming a vile leftist hell-hole, just like many other communities across the country.

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