Brentsville District High School

In a letter to families, Brentsville High School Principal Katherine Meints attributed a school COVID-19 outbreak to "extracurricular activities earlier this month."

There are 10 new COVID-19 cases attached to the school, prompting Prince William County Public Schools to notify the Virginia Department of Health of an outbreak on Feb. 10.

VDH defines an “outbreak” as two or more cases where transmission occurred at the same location. But Brentsville, like all other middle and high schools in the division, has been virtual-only all year.

"It is listed as an “outbreak in progress, which means the cases are still being investigated," Meints said in her email. "Keep in mind that all individuals involved have completed the required isolation and/or quarantine time."

Early Thursday morning, the school board voted to bring all students who choose to return into the building using a hybrid model beginning next week

So far, VDH has identified four outbreaks at county public schools. The health department was notified of an outbreak at Charles J. Colgan High School Dec. 30. Fannie Fitzgerald and Montclair Elementary Schools both reported outbreaks Jan. 27. None have resulted in deaths and the three prior to Brentsville’s are all considered “pending closure” by the state.

Outbreak list pwcs

In that time, five private schools in the county have reported outbreaks with significantly more cases. Two are in progress at Linton Hall School and St. Francis of Assisi, with 5 and 10 cases, respectively. Outbreaks at All Saints Catholic, Christ Chapel Academy and Evangel Christian School are all considered “pending closure.”

According to division numbers reported at Wednesday night’s school board meeting, there are 91 in-person student cases being treated as positive between Feb. 1 and Feb. 14.

Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at



Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at

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Hmm just intersted/curious as to why

A. The 130mph high speed chase from Woodbridge (smoketown Rd.) to Woodrow Wilson bridge wasnt mentioned and

B. Why the 100 reckless driving citations by potomac mills mall wasnt covered (seems like a big story)

and C.

I only know this information because the police scanner is available to the public and courtesy of the facebook page. So when the police actually keep people safe, its not reported. Interesting. And the fact theres no mention of the feed being banned again to the public, only to keep us in the dark.

Maybe its not "Democracy that dies in darkness" like Amazon claims, maybe its "Citizenry that dies in censorship."

Sic Semper Tyrannis

PWC resident since '69

Who cares, the vaccine is here, flu has been cured or forgotten! Get the hell back to school!


Can't wait to watch this mess over next few weeks. When there are no substitutes second week of March expect to start checking each morning to see whether your school is open or virtual due to staffing issues.


I am very curious as to when the School Board now abkut this outbreak. Was it before or after Dr. Barbour push through his illoncieved return to learn schedule over Dr Walts objections. If so ibwpuld think that would not sit well with the votsrs of this county and should be looked into


What? Try again but slow down.


What? You should proofread what you attempted to write before hitting "post comment". Try again.


Yeah, I have an idea, lets trust the CDC who actually work Against us, not For us. And the microsoft man in the pink sweaters.



An outbreak?

Give me A Break. Guess the flu shots didnt do enough damage to us sheep, so they had the bring in the big guns (CCP) to crack down on us.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Oh by the way, our tax dollars are now publicly funding the Wuhan Lab, which they already were, but now its public record.

Thanks Uncle Joey and the Bloodh0und gang!

Toby Beaman

Students or Adults? Ages? These are EXTREMELY important questions - hard to believe they weren't included in the story.


Thanks Chairman Barbour aka Dr. Donothing. Hopefully this outbreak being at a more affluent school towardanthe western side of the county may get your attention. It is obvious yiu care noththing about the eastern schools.


Actually, I don't think he will care where the outbreak is. In fact, I think he SERIOUSLY believes that coronavirus is scared to enter schools. I can't believe he med it through medical school.

On a positive note, I believe Adele Jackson is a fantastic School Board rep., and she will definitely raise concerns.

Janelle Anderson

Do you know if the outbreak was a sports team? Someone in the Facebook group called Our Schools said the outbreak was from a sports team at Brentsville.


I'm surprised they let this one out so soon. Usually Babur likes to sit on them for a while.

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