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Four Seasons area

Police have identified a 79-year-old man shot and fatally wounded by officers Thursday night as Kurtis Kay Frevert, a resident of the Four Seasons community outside Dumfries.

Prince William County property records show Frevert and his wife bought their home on Secret Grove Court in the 55-and-older community near Dumfries in April of this year for $400,000.

Prince William County Commonwealth's Attorney Amy Ashworth said Friday she has assembled a team to review the shooting.

"We understand the public’s desire to know more, which is why the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office has assembled a team that is moving swiftly to gather the facts and review the incident," Ashworth's office said in a news release. "As this is an ongoing investigation, we will provide more information when appropriate in accordance with legal ethics."

Acting Police Chief Jarad Phelps also released a video Friday asking the public's patience as criminal and administrative investigations take place.

Message concerning the December 10, 2020 officer involved that occurred on Secret Grove Court in Dumfries.

The incident began at 7:14 p.m. Thursday when police were called to the 3600 block of Secret Grove Court in Four Seasons, a 55 and older community, for a report of a suicidal individual. The caller reported her husband was making concerning statements and armed with a handgun. When officers arrived, the husband had left and was reportedly on foot with the handgun in the community, Prince William County police 1st Sgt. Jonathan Perok said.

Officers requested helicopter assistance from Fairfax County police to aid in the search and members of the department's crisis intervention team were on scene.

As officers were searching for the husband, the helicopter located him in a nearby wooded area where he was seen walking back towards his house, Perok said. Officers saw the husband near the front door of the residence, still armed with the handgun, he said.

During the encounter, five officers discharged their department-issued firearms at the man who was struck an unknown number of times. At this time, it is unknown if the man discharged his weapon, Perok said. Officers rendered aid to the man and immediately requested medical assistance. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died, Perok said. No officers were injured during the incident.

Between the time of the initial call and the shooting, officers were on scene for over an hour, Perok said.  The involved officers have been placed on routine paid leave.

A criminal investigation and separate administrative investigation are currently underway. 


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Looks like another job well done by the PD!

Wayne D.

Good luck PWCPD with Amy Ashworth on the case. Hopefully she's not still angry at the fact so few of the sworn staff supported her in her run for the CA's office.

Lance Livestrong

Do you also think the sworn staff was thrilled that they went outside of the department to find a new Chief of Police that was turned down for two much larger departments prior to being hired by the county? Why would he take such a large pay-cut to come here? But also, again, wouldn't the ideal and wise decision had been to promote from within? Did any of the current rank-and-file even have a shot at this position?


We're just lucky to have Glendell Hill still in office...and that ticks the other side off!


Deez Nutz

Absolutely pathetic PWC cops should be given 1 bullet each. Shot someone's grandpa for going crazy during the craziest time in history. Maybe it's time to defund Prince William County. They always had enough time to bust us skate boarding. Lucky the crazy idiots didn't shoot us too. Oh yeah they shot that kid in Helwig what ever happened with that?

Lance Livestrong


Either your account was hacked or you made this post during a sleepwalking episode....



This appears to be classic case of Suicide By Cop.

James Young

My question is, why is this news? Isn't every use of force by local police subject to such an investigation? This sounds a lot like trumping up standard operating procedure in order to promote an agenda or politician.


I can think of 100 different ways I could stop a 79 year old with a gun. Why couldn’t these 5 officers do anything else but shoot. I understand if he pointed it at them, or fired the first shot. But this is wild. People need to make a big deal about this now not after they find out the victims race. RIP RIP

Lance Livestrong

Im not sure how "wild" this really is as you say,

"Members of the department's crisis intervention team were on scene." If the article is correct in saying (5) officers discharged their weapons, in unison, they all obviously saw the same thing...

Im not sure if theres anything hear to make a big deal about, its just an unfortunate situation and outcome. But, we'll wait and see but as of right now, theres really nothing unusual.

Bill Berke

Fire Newsham!

PWC Citizen

Inside Nova should think twice about whether to open stories about suicide to comments. Especially during this pandemic, right before Christmas, when people are hurting and many may consider suicide. This man was also in the at-risk age group for coronavirus.

There are standards for reporting on suicide which Inside Nova did not follow here. For one thing, they should include information on how suicidal people can get help.

Standards of reporting take into account the well known fact that stories on suicide often engender copycat suicides and suicide attempts. If another occurs in this community of elderly Prince William residents, Inside Nova should be held criminally responsible.

If you’re going to hold yourselves out as a credible newspaper, act like one.

Lance Livestrong


Obviously what happened was a tragedy, make no mistake about it.

And thats all ill say, Im interested to see others' opine on your comments.

But the story was covered because it involved the Police Department and the use of force more than anything, not so much that this individual was contemplating suicide, which is unfortunate but also a common reality.


He was waving a gun at police. Shoot him in the leg or arm, he can still shoot back.

Jeff BB

Good point.


It’s funny that crazy, mentally ill liberals with no morals and no perception of the truth having nothing better to do than make snarky comments on local news websites.


Forest5465 - you mean like angry liberals who burn, loot, and pillage? 🤔

It’s easy to denounce Democrats, because they never let a crisis go to waste. PWC. the new chiraqistan of the mid Atlantic. Good job Democrats!

Jeff BB

Five officers fired at him?! No tasers? Police need target practice lessons so they can aim at legs or arms to disable someone rather than going straight for the kill. I respect our police and strongly argue against any moves to defund them. If anything, this case leaves serious questions about the need for more training.


You obviously are not a LEO nor have the slightest understanding of Lethal Use of Force policy. Officers are rightly trained to neutralize the threat once the situation is elevated to lethal use of force. This means shooting at center of mass. Any notion of deliberately wounding an arm or a leg is pure Hollywood fantasy. The PWC PD carries .45ACP Glocks. A hit to a limb will totally destroy it and is likely lethal given the impact to the artery. Given the details of the case have not been released, you opine without any relevant information. Dept policy requires these offices to attempt de-escalation and employ verbal-judo to talk the emotional disturbed person into surrendering the weapon. The last thing any LEO wants is to shoot someone. You immediately question if they followed policy and conclude they need more training. How about waiting for the Review Board and a few facts. Meanwhile, educate yourself in PWC PD SOPs and standing orders before opining.

Jeff BB

Good points all. Admittedly my post was premature and based on a visceral reaction to the article as written. Thanks for the insight.

Lance Livestrong

With all due respect, Not So Fast...

With the members of the department's crisis intervention team on scene, including the FFX chopper, and with Five officers discharging their weapons, the only logical conclusion would be their lives were threatened verbally and/or the suspects firearm was pointed at these officers. I mean, whether you agree or not, they are trained to return fire in that situation.

The department obviously tried to utilize its resources for the best possible outcome, but it simply didnt happen unfortunately. Its a sad ending, especially for the now widow, who was concerned for her spouse.

Jeff BB

Thanks Hawkeye10. You're correct.

Lance Livestrong

No problem sir,

Appreciate AJHs explanation as well.

Wayne D.

Please quit watching movies/TV. You are absolutely clueless in this matter.

Lance Livestrong



Well if it’s a non white, then there’ll be rioting, looting and just some good ol socialist activities!

Thanks Democrats for turning PWC into yet another democratic S**t H0le.

Good job!!!

Robert Segall

It's funny that angry conservatives with no constructive outlet publicly denounce democrats on every single post.


Funny how liberals immediately attack the police without the slightest shred of facts regarding a case. You immediately draw a conclusion by the fact that their has been an officer involved shooting. Oh my, and officer drew his or her service weapon! More training! More training! There are many PWC officers who are leaving and have left in the last few months- both from Central and East. Many have gone to be Feds, others have left law enforcement. Perhaps your army of sociologist warriors will be able to handle the Dumfries “pit”, the State Streets, Marumsco everything, Dale City and Lakeridge. Do a ride along and learn what a night is really like in Prince William. Officers answer 911’s regardless of political affiliation; yet your party seeks to defund and not support the police. You call 911 from you home off Old Bridge it will generally take 10-15min for a unit to get their after dispatch...just remember for 10-15min, you are on your own. What if no one comes? Ponder it.

John Dutko

Found the cop.

John Dutko

@ Bigfoot

"Found the cop" is not a snarky remark. I actually appreciate the perspective detailed.

I am also a combat veteran who followed the rules of engagement put forth by my commander and practiced trigger discipline and only fired my weapon when it was appropriate. I can understand the immediate stress that is put on law enforcement personnel. I know what it is like to be shot at and to have to render first aid to another... and then to deal with the guilt that they died.

I respect the police. I respect the profession and that they should be afforded some kind of deference. However, respect is a two-way street and police officers of late (not all of them mind you) have different motivations when they perform their duties.

As for the "more training" aspect... that aint gonna do squat.

Were they justified in shooting this guy? I'd say yeah-- The dude didnt disarm, he was suicidal, he could have shot his wife, shot others, or the officers. It wasnt like it was Amadou Diallo being shot 42 times in his hallway for holding a cellphone, or any of the other instances where a person was killed through the use of disproportionate response.

Police officers should live in those communities they patrol. Trust needs to be built again.

Lance Livestrong

Found the detective,


Wayne D.

So Iwouldntgiveabean. Was the post wrong? Or do you just make snarky comments to feel big?

Colonel Trautman

Spillage activity from nearby Dale Sh*tty


Yuppies didn't pay up for the drugs.

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