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Police and neighbors near the crime scene Monday off Oakwood Drive. By Marny Malin.

Police have identified a Woodbridge High School student who was shot and killed Monday afternoon in Lake Ridge as 16-year-old Brenden Wilson.

Shots rang out along Old Bridge Road just before 4:30 p.m. Police arrived to find the victim on a heavily-used path between the high school and Oakwood Drive, said Prince William police spokesman Jonathan Perok. 

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Police late Monday were searching for three suspects, described only as two black males and a white male. They were seen fleeing the area in a pickup truck of unknown make and color. Detectives were still trying to determine a motive for the crime.

Residents in the area said they thought they heard fireworks or explosions. Then the sirens started.

“I was walking with a friend on a nearby school track when I heard what sounded like seven shots in quick succession followed by an eighth,” said one neighborhood resident who didn’t want her name published.

Another resident said the path, known as "the cut," is a popular hangout for students, and residents have complained to police about teens lingering there, as well as leaving trash.

On Monday afternoon, police set up a command post in the high school parking lot, and school officials temporarily put both the high school and adjacent Old Bridge Elementary School in "secure the building" mode. One parent said baseball tryouts and drumline students were in the school at the time.

Track students running on Valleywood Drive also heard the shots.

Brenden Wilson's death is Prince William County’s fifth murder of the year.

On Oct. 19, Jessica Leigh Wilson (no relation to Brenden Wilson) was shot to death in the driveway of her Bristow home. The next day, her boyfriend was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound outside T. Clay Wood Elementary School.

In July, police charged 31-year-old Brandon Curtis Hampton Henry with stabbing two people, one fatally, during a gathering in Dale City,

In May, a 19-year-old Woodbridge man was charged with stabbing a 22-year-old Dumfries man to death on his front porch.

And police are still trying to find the three men who shot and killed a young mother working at Platanillo's Grocery in Woodbridge earlier this year.


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Ok, so I am confused, your headline states "murder", but your article says "victim". Which is it?


It's a murder victim... a victim can be someone that was murdered.


Are you retarded bro ? lol A victim can be some one who's already murdered like the other guy said.

Kari Pugh

Murder victim.


News organizations try to get information as soon as possible to readers. Sometimes grammatical errors will occur. At least you know that the content is correct. Don't shoot the news or messenger.


Murder victim is correct.


My deepest condolences go out the victim’s family, friends, and all involved during this difficult time. This act is exceedingly disturbing to me and goes beyond my understanding.

Those who choose to destroy the lives of others and plunge a community into a state of fear and grief through acts of senseless violence have no place in a free society. With every fiber of my being, I hope they catch the individuals responsible for perpetuating this horrible crime.

Also, to expand on what has been reported, according to my son, who knows another teen who was supposedly standing close by when the victim was shot, the incident occurred in an area known to students as "the cut" and the name of the WSHS student who was shot is Brendan (last name unknown). In addition, the pickup truck was black.

Kari Pugh

Thanks Savery. Police just released his name. Story's updated.


Good gawd msrosewolf...seriously?


This is a parent's worst nightmare. Young people, please stop the violence. My deepest condolences to this young man's family. I can't even begin to imagine. Hug your babies extra tight.

Paul Miller

Prayers for Brenden, family and friends.


Kids sometimes like to swim in deep waters without a life saver, this is another victim of guns in the wrong hands and who knows what else. this cases are very common in any city ,any state at any american or latino american homes. .. guns dont kill people, people kill people !


I am willing to bet that young man is lying in a morgue today becuase of bullets that came out of a gun. Thats just my take on it.


Could have easily been stab wounds, strangulation, and here recently in our area we've seen how much damage and havoc hammers can cause as well... yes, these are all items/methods that take the hands of a human to cause damage. That young man is lying in a morgue today at the hands of another.


To the Parents and family members of this young soul...
Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss…our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.


I believe as parents, we need to spend more quality time with our children never let work, business, organizations, friends or other distractions keep you from your children


Are you saying the parents did not spend time?

Some people either work OR live by the K mart in dale city becuase they have no choice.

Every bad kid is not a product of bad parents. Every dead kid is not a product of bad parents.

JJ Reynolds

Seems to me that violent crimes like murder, robbery and aggravated assaults have gone up in Prince William County since the retirement of Chief Deane in 2012.


Because we all know those 3 punks riding in that pickup would not have done what they did if Chief Deane was still in charge.

For that matter the man who killed his GF and them himself a few weeks ago would have also had second thoungts.

And along those lines the guy who stabbed the man who was beating him up would have also thought about ole Deane prior to doing the deed.

You got it all figured out.

JJ Reynolds

Thanks. I work hard at it.

JJ Reynolds

The murder case closure rate seems to be at 60% right now.


It just went up to 70 percent with the arrest yesterday.


From my understanding, this is the 5th homicide this year in PWC so not sure why anyone thinks the murder rate significantly gone up. Granted, I have lived in PWC since 1965 and seen many changes even when the murder rate on PWC soil was 0 to the 5 in 2014.


7 to 8 shots? Sounds premeditated. These punks need to get the needle. ALL of them!


First of all. My heart goes out to this young mans family. Dealing in weed or pills should not lead to a death sentence. This is a tragedy. I am glad they caught the people who did this.

However, the shame is that as a black man living in Woodbridge, I cannot join in the collective grief and outrage due to the fact that every story about this is covered with comments from people who seem like they are in the KLAN.

What is it with you snakes? I have lived here 14 years and NEVER have been racially disrespected to my face. However, you snakes treat inside nova like its a courage potion. Why don't you guys talk in public like you do online?

And some really juvenile comments about "maybe we should riot like ferguson" or "where is Jessie or Al"? HELLO, ignorant people. People generally protest or get civil rights leaders when the authorities DO NOT do the job they are paid to do. In this case the PWP did exactly what they are paid to do.

And you cowardly racist snakes are the first ones to talk about someone playing the race card.

Read the comments. No african american should have to sit being judged by a jury of 12 of you cowardly snakes.

here is a note. Most black people (like myself) hate crime and criminals. And we are also victims of crimes also.

It is 2014 and I had to write this. WOW.

Bye cowards.

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