Brenden Wilson liked to skateboard, played football and baseball when he was younger and had been a member of the junior ROTC at Woodbridge Senior High School.

The 16-year-old junior was also outgoing and had lots of friends, according to a man who identified himself as Wilson’s cousin, but declined to give his name.

“He was always laughing about something,” the man said. “He was quite the jokester.”

The relative was among a steady trickle of neighbors and teens who spent part of the Veterans Day holiday visiting the wooded area beside the high school, where Wilson was fatally shot late Monday afternoon.

By Wednesday morning, police had charged three suspects in connection with the killing, which happened about 4:30 p.m. on a busy pathway between the school and Oakwood Drive in Lake Ridge.

Kawain Tyrell Smalls, 20, of the 12700 block of Dulcinea Place in Lake Ridge, is charged with murder, use of a firearm in a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Kymothy-Tyriq Desean Wilson, 18, of the 13800 block Breezy Ridge Way in Woodbridge and a 17-year-old Woodbridge teen are both charged with conspiracy to robbery in connection to the crime.

Another suspect, a juvenile, is still being sought, said Prince William police spokesman Jonathan Perok.

The crime is believed to be drug related, and the victim knew the suspects, he said.

People in the neighborhood heard the gunshots Monday afternoon. Some thought they were hearing fireworks or an explosion.

One neighbor said seven successive shots rang out, followed by a pause, then an eighth.

The path where Wilson was killed is called “the cut,” and runs between Oakwood Drive and the Woodbridge Senior High School parking lot.

One neighbor, who asked that his name not be published, lives beside the walkway and said the shots sounded like they came from a large-caliber handgun.

He said he rushed to his back door just in time to see a man he believes was the gunman rush by his house and out toward Oakwood Drive.

Other witnesses told police the man jumped into a waiting pickup truck that sped away. Shortly afterward, the neighborhood was filled with patrol cars as police investigated the shooting late into Monday evening.

Police said they have been unable to verify that the truck was involved in the case.

Students returned to school Wednesday, where counselors were on hand, and most signs of the shooting were cleared away. But along the path, a small memorial to Wilson that included a teddy bear with a red bow-tie, a pink and green flower balloon and four bunches of roses, two of which were stapled with messages hand-written on small white cards.

“Rest in paradise, Brenden. You’re gone but never forgotten.”

“We will always remember you, Brenden. Rest easy and fly with the angels.”

Wilson’s cousin stared at the bouquets as he talked about how Brenden was tall for his age, sporting a “pretty impressive” full beard, and how his family – his mom, stepdad, a sister, three stepbrothers as well as his dad, stepmom and sister – were struggling with the news.

“His mom is taking it pretty harshly,” he said.

Brenden was not a partier, his cousin said.  His family had no reason to suspect the shooting had anything to do with drugs, and continued to deny drug involvement after arrests were made. Instead, family members believe Wilson was set up and then ambushed.

Wilson’s family said he had been having problems with a few neighborhood teens leading up to Monday’s shooting. Family members suspected the shooting might be connected to those troubles and had shared all the information they had with police.

“We had heard about it,” his cousin said.  “But I don’t think anybody thought it was this serious, that’s for sure.”

The suspected shooter, Kawain Smalls, has a long criminal history in Prince William County. He was named "fugitive of the week" last year after a robbery in Woodbridge. His latest arrest was on Sept. 29 of this year after allegedly robbing a 17-year-old boy of his cell phone on Hedges Run Drive in Lake Ridge.

A fund has been established at to help Wilson’s family with funeral costs. 


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Mark JM

Hate Crime. Hate Crime I tell you!

Retired Cop

These 2 individuals were having a dispute over drugs. They were not leaving a movie theater after just watching the movie "Frozen".


We all know only a hate crime can be committed by whites, the NAACP says so.

Paul Miller

A 16-year-old is gone forever, and this 20-year-old (assuming he actually did the crime, but given the circumstances a wrongful arrest seems unlikely) will have to live with that for the rest of his life, which will probably be spent in a prison cell to boot. And there were others involved, based on what we read yesterday.

All these lives destroyed or at least damaged. For what? Some money? Was it even as much money as any of these kids (including the 20-year-old) could have made in a future single paycheck, had they not taken such reckless, stupid, life-ending actions yesterday?


It was drug related.


Legalize it.


I figured this was more than a "wrong place, wrong time" case. My heart goes out to the family, but something tells me that there is even more to this that's going to come out soon.


Low level punks sell drugs so they can brag to their cellmates. Real men get up everyday and work for a living. Sad thing is once they legalize pot these idiots will just move on to the next drug to sell to your children.


Gave police a false name. So they asked him his name and he answered something like Bill Smith. Did he have a fake idea or did they not even ask for identification. This piece of shit should have been behind bars months ago.


Human Garbage, any spare plungers in the PWC lock-up?


I have fond memories of my hometown, but realizing Kawain previously had been repeatedly arrested for armed robbery of a nail salon, gas station, personal residences, etc., dealt drugs, stole peoples identities, was the fence for stolen goods, etc., I have to wonder how he remained a fugitive when anyone could have found him in the projects of lakeridge, a place where I knew 40 years ago, was a BAD neighborhood. there have been repeated stabbings, shootings, etc. in that specific neighborhood since the inception of the development. it is the byproduct of a liberal government who feels compassion for the dredges of our society. mama smalls will be happy with one less mouth to feed, but the remainder of her family is just as bad and will continue to drain our pocket books. kawain, Obama would be proud to have a son just like you. maybe you can sit on the south lawn smoking a doobie. oh yeh, you will be getting punked....


I was a junior at WSHS 20 years ago and we didn't have crime like this then. Apparently, people that live in that area say that the path has had many problems lately.


I can't even begin to explain how dumb you sound, Ex, so I'm just gonna leave it at this... You sound very, VERY dumb. You're right about all his charges, but there are NO "projects" in Lake Ridge, and you sound extremely sheltered.

Ted Ratchet

The "drug related" side of this story is being overlooked by this "hate crime" nonsense in these comments. See the Retired Cop's comment for some reality.


Legalize it, so there is no money to be made.


Kawain the Tug, the Skunk, the Moron...your life is over ...a lethal injection will fix your life !

Ted Ratchet

DavinP - we had gun violence 20 years ago & drug dealing. We had a classmate that shot a man & killed himself in Juvie.


coming soon...more wanna bees .... to be arrested !


Well said Ex, well said.

Its time we started looking at the whole criminal system. The bottom line is why the hell was this bag of crap still walking our streets. Lets save the county a lot of money....give him the needle like the rabid dog he is.


This story makes me sick on sooooo many levels. First off, as soon as I saw the perps face, I questioned if the victim was WHITE; since there was no mention of the victims race. This is what happens when a black commits a crime against a white; don't want the masses raising up and rioting now, do we? His criminal history is disgusting but more importantly, our law system let us and the victims family down. This piece of human trash should have been in jail just on the armed felony charge alone! I would like to see an investigation done on why he was even walking our streets. You sure can bet if it was the other way around and a white shot and killed a black teenage student, that story wouldn't be as quiet. Sick and tired of the double standard we have allowed to happen.


This has nothing to do with race, leave it out.


The story hasn't been quiet, but obviously you have just been blind. Previous stories have stated that one of the other suspects was WHITE. Guess you ignored that little bit of info b/c doing so supports your claim that this story has been "quiet".


Sickandtired, aren't you sick and tired of blaming racial motivation on any crimes that aren't against one's own race? Not everything is a hate crime, not every violent act is because of race. They had a commonality here, DRUGS, and THAT is the cause of this. NOT race. Don't be so stupid. This story has been on social media before any news sites even picked up on it, this has not been quiet at all. I agree that this scumbag should've been apprehended long ago. Everything you're saying about race is ignorant and irrelevant.


That's the whole g-dang point! Whenever a black "kid" get's shot by a white person everyone is jumping around like Jim Crow and the KKK have reared their ugly head again! But when it's a white kid being shot up, beat up, etc by a bunch of black people it's not racially motivated. Where was the public outrage over the racism, when that white guy in Baltimore was attacked and laughed at by a crowd of black people. Some of those people shouting "whitey". Where was the outcry during the whole knockout game, or rather why did so many try to play it down. Race is not irrelevant until the people shouting about it all the time stop doing it. When they stop shouting it for Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown.


I'm SUPER confused by the quotation marks around the word kid, but whatever. Here's the thing. You live in a country that has a strong history of oppression against non-whites. Blacks in particular have historically held a pretty shit place in our society. And the inequality continues, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. So violence against African Americans by whites comes fraught with historical significance. The details of Trayvon Martin's death bore depressingly similarities to the Emmet Till case from 1955. We live in a society that favors whiteness over blackness, maleness over femaleness, straight over gay, thinness over fatness, etc., etc. This is the reason that offenses against minority cause more societal friction - because of their relative low position in society. I will assume that you can extrapolate that living in higher instances of poverty (as those outside of the traditional hegemony suffer much more frequently) will lend itself to criminality at a higher rate.

The people who committed this crime are criminals. They wasted so many lives over what was probably a small thing. They do not belong in society and they are luckily locked up. Most black people feel this way too. To look at a cluster of selectively identified crimes and write off an entire race is bigotry. Possessing a brain, you are perfectly able to educate yourself and take into consideration the cultural complexities before you denounce a race. You are willfully ignorant.


You do know that one of the perps is white, don't you?


They've released pictures of all three "perps" they're all black you tool.


I'm not advocating any actions, but look at you all and how quick you are to place judgment on someone rather than take the higher road and see how we failed as a community in preventing something as such. How many of you were kids before? When you messed up and had good parents, you were put in your place right? Somewhere along this man's line, his environment failed him. His parents failed to be there when he was being influenced and groomed into this lifestyle. I don't know anything about this man except that his actions show that his mind is disturbed and tainted. He's needs reconstruction in his life, not jail time where he's gonna sit and learn more ways of corruption. At the most this Kid gets 10 years and he's back on the street with no rehabilitation and probably gonna recommit. It's sad for the family of this 16 yr. old kid and I pray for their healing. However healing is needed in 2 places. Like I said I don't support his actions at all. They are wrong...But I do understand the mind and it's sensitivity to the environment it learns from. We practice what we learn. You learned to condemn people when they commit acts of violence. You haven't learned that there is a reason behind everything that transpires. We are to love and ask for understanding to guide those who are lost. Shalom


"He's needs reconstruction in his life, not jail time..." Are you out of your mind??! Wow, that kind of thinking is downright scary. The man reportedly lives violence, apparently having been charged with multiple robberies, furnishing a weapon(s) to kids, and now murder of a teenager over drugs, and you actually believe he does not need jail time?? I guess no one needs to be jailed.

JJ Reynolds

Good job by PW County police.

Amazing how liberals continue to believe that the application of more and more love is the way to counter innate evil. They have the maturity levels of the children in Peter Pan.

Paul Miller

Or even another Peter (or Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, etc.). Yeah, those 'liberals' and their odd responses to evil... when will they learn?

Paul Miller

Also, just to clarify, my sarcasm above was not meant to indicate full agreement with SerpentKing below. Does the gunman need reconstruction of his life? Absolutely. But that's as far as my agreement with the below post goes. He's going to prison, if convicted, and that's that. Hopefully whatever reconstruction is possible there, he will receive and advantage from. What Serpent is advocating is a complete, radical overhaul of our justice system. I don't share that view.


Look at recidisvism rates in countries that actually rehabilitate criminals. Ignorance knows no bounds.

ps. Liberals feel the pain of crime as much as conservatives. Stop dividing, pay your respects to the family nad lets try to make this a better place to live.

SerpentKing!!! But the atmosphere in these jails are breeding grounds for criminals and many make links inside...Reconstruction YES!!! This is yust a small part of the issue as I have real issues and concerns with how we are raising our kids. I almost fell down the same road as him at 15. Now that I look at it, my parents weren't around. I was fine until all this stuff started coming to my neighbourhood. 15 years old my friend got shot while sleeping in his house over a girl. My neighbour 3 houses down was shot and killed by a man who didn't even know him. What I'm saying is there are a lot of mental conditions not being addressed in these jails. You know how many mentally unstable people are sitting in jail now? These are supposed to be Correctional Facilities not holding cells. I know kids. I hang around them all the time and the one thing that taints them are other kids who don't have a positive environment to live in. I have 3 kids up the street from me now that I see are being pushed into the gutters because of the role models in their house. It takes vision to see what is transpiring rather than someone telling you what is. I believe our society is the problem. Everyone is quick to try and lock someone up for life when the lack education in why these things are transpiring...He has a record and friends are saying he was already going down that road...Where were the facilities to rehabilitate at that time? We blame individuals rather than seeing how his environment enabled him to do what he has done.


Love is dualistic...My love isn't like Peter Pan or cookies and milk...It's strict, disciplined and aimed at cleansing and building your mind. I raise and mentor kids and I hear the issues they are faced with as well as remember what got in my path. One thing I see is people, when they don't have an answer, they say throw him away which is dismissive and only suspends the issue at hand for the time that he spends in jail. Lack of knowledge is what is killing people. This is yust the aftermath of it. Not one of my kids I have in my shelter today are anything like what you see and they are mostly black. It takes MEN to step up and say "This is our problem"...And that's where I'm at today. As a Brown-skinned man I'm embarrassed in these actions of my fellow brothers because it affects me indirectly. Men are screwing up. Men are not raising kids...It's the men who are not raising these kids properly. And I'm a man so I take part in this blame. There's good in everyone...It takes someone real and who sincerely cares to bring it out of them after they're in too deep. Your definition of Love by far, represents that of your mother. I would love to have these 2 guys in my hands right now...You all might want to take sociology and psychology classes to begin to understand the effects of our environment on the way that we think, act, and mature.


I think the belief in innate evil is pretty childish/immature.


Undoubtedly another fatherless youth with nothing to lose. The "system" hasn't failed him. His family has.


Where is the Reverend al charlatan prancing around working up tears about the injusisis?


Who is Al Charlatan? I think you mean Al Sharpton... Don't take shots with no aim.


we are not taxed enough to keep these low criminals in prison or rehabilitate, who then turn to bigger crimes... hello on that one!!!

we also believe so much in human rights... what is wrong with caning these low criminals and providing a doctor to wake them up just in case they faint. make them think twice of commiting crimes towards other human beings...


This is what happens when our county supervisors approve the construction of all these cheap houses and apartments. They are attracting all the scum from DC and MD. Pretty soon Prince William will be no better than DC or Prince George County.


More taxes!!! Thats the solution. You must not pay any.


Hey - let's burn PWC to the ground and get some national recognition over this!!! Show the world how intelligent we really are.


really ignorant comment.

just me

wake up serpent king the community didnt fail him. he failed himself people need to take responsibility for themselves at his age he knows right from wrong he just doesnt care. alot of people have sucky childhoods and DONT commit crimes. punish his actions for what they are and set an example of what happens when you dont follow societal rules and watch order restore itself. if we didnt have a cushy jail where they hang out with their friends and family these things wouldnt be so prevalent! just sayin


I am awake more than you know...I don't speak from an outward view...I speak from experience and I practice what I preach and I get results. I had to figure it out on my own too and community is a huge issue because this is the environment they are raised in. The mind is sensitive and knows only what it sees and is taught. Maybe you need to open your eyes beyond the act, beyond the person, beyond the stereotypes to undress the issue. Everyone's taking shots at criminals and throwing them under the dirt instead of smelling themselves, looking at it from a different perspective, and making necessary changes. I was once like you all trying to throw all these murderers under the jail until I started getting education. With education in the right areas you see a whole different, bigger picture. Even now, I post a comment and the first things everyone wants to do is throw sarcastic remarks and call you ignorant instead of taking the time to really listen to what is being said. Let's debate because what I see is everyone's suggestions of giving him long time in jail at work. And honestly it's not working out the way you see it working out. Maybe you need to sit in jail and hear the conversations of ignorance in there before you begin to see from my perspective. Jail's environment sits you in front of a TV all day while in a cell with 5-9 other people. It's a huge timeout. No correction at all. How many people punish/spank their kids without giving them knowledge on what they did, what was expected, and how to correct it? There has to be construction behind detention before you may lower the crime rate. I look to resolve issues not sweep them under the rug


Whites really need to start protesting and speaking up against blacks who are constantly violating their civil rights.


Interesting, considering one of the suspects (not pictured, obviously) is white.


Can't local. It only fits the narrative if whitey is the oppressor.


It is so sad when these events happen. Unfortunately, drug use and selling is not exclusive to poor areas. Speaking from first hand knowledge as a parent raising children in the suburbs, Marijuana use among the youths is an extremely common occurrence. I have been witness to teenagers saying that everyone does it. That came from both black and whites. This is not a black/white issue despite the fact we are so hasty to turn it in to one. When every assailant pic is that of a young black man, some of society's negative views on race relations only perpetuates. According to the article, the police were initially looking for two black males and one white. It now looks like there was a total of four that were involved. Since three have been arrested, one of which is a juvenile and the fourth who is on the run is also a juvenile, the white assailant must be a juvenile. We won't be privy
to the images of all assailants, both black and white.

This group of young men were very familiar with one another, which is why the victim was targeted. The assailants new that the victim would have something on him worth stealing. I understand that Brenden's family is dealing with an unspeakable loss and don't want his memory dragged through the mud. The truth can be very painful to hear.


Well said g2g, folks are quick to bring race in the factor but it goes beyond race, its the society we now live in.


Thank you to the Prince William County Police Department!


Culture of violence continues...


Look at the expression on this Kymothy guys face. He has absolutely no remorse. Almost looks proud. Piece of crap


Paul Ebert fails the county once again.

"Smalls has a long history of criminal charges in Prince William County and was named "fugitive of the week" last year after a robbery in Woodbridge. His latest arrest was on Sept. 29 of this year after allegedly robbing a 17-year-old boy of his cell phone on Hedges Run Drive in Lake Ridge.

It's unclear why he was out of jail."


This is a sad case. May the victim rest in peace.

Is the name of the suspects misspelled ( Kymothy)?


Charlatan.. Google it you moron. A fraud. Lol


I cant believe what I am reading. I had nothing to do about race, it had t do with drugs. And as a parent, we cant always be blamed for our kids actions. I spent my teenage years without a father in my life, so to say "his family failed him" Or that "This is what happens when our county supervisors approve the construction of all these cheap houses and apartments. Credit for the quotes go to Bugmenot who must have grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth and lived in a glass house. The sister of the victim said the he "didnt use drugs and that he didnt know his attackers....Bull sh*t.


Now I see why your county voted Comstock, you folks have issues... Lots of ignorant comments... Matthew23- you seriously have issues. Please get help. Sincerely no joke here...

Comment deleted.

Do whites go to jail? it is a yes or no question.


Whites go to jail at a much higher rate than Asians. I guess compared to Asians, you are the scum of the earth then.


Actuallyhawa you are exactly right and no they did not spell his name wrong his name is actually kymothy and nothing is funny about any of this a young boy was takin from his family and friends my dad used to watch him

Comment deleted.

Nice job ignoring the facts.

1. One of the suspects was WHITE.
2. Victim was WHITE in what cops suspect was a drug deal gone bad, meaning he was either buying or selling drugs.

But of course, in your usual style, blame EVERYTHING on the Black community, even the crimes of Whites. LOL, you are a joke.


There is a lot more to this story and none of it has to do with race. The whole family was involved with these criminals, everyone in the neighborhood knew that. If you look at the the mother's quotes from various news outlets, it shows she knew who did it before the police did. Also the mother said she will be justice on her own, typical for her and typical for anyone involved with criminals. Next the sister publicly protests a little to aggressively about it being drug related when clearly it was. The family is saddened and shocked but they are also trying to cover themselves.


Thank You! I'm not bashing his death, and I don't know how my other comment got deleted. This one better stay up, but It's so sad to see how people are only seeing this one side. The lifestyle he was living was gonna end in prison if he didn't get murdered. I would hear from the great vines, he would flash his guns to scare people and make himself feel bigger, but he messed with the wrong people I guess. He was also dealing drugs and just being a sketchy kid. There is a price to pay with that type of sketchy lifestyle. His parents and the news are trying so hard to cover it up, and not to be racist, but because he is a white kid.To be honest his death was partially his fault, but not all of it . He didn't deserve to die this way , and so young but his actions obviously suffered the consequences .


LIGHT THEM ALL UP PWC. Im upset that this felon was able to walk the streets with a record as long as his. Stop it with the racial comments you idots. Im a black man, a father, a husband and I am just as pissed as most parents and adults of any race would be. There is no loyalty to a race. Your loyalty should be toward good citizens in your community. Hell people dont choose their color they choose their actions. The hard working and honest is where my loyalties lye. We dont want scum like this dwelling around our children. Prosecute his ass to the fullest extent of the law. If that means death penalty than so be it. But lets send a message that your kind (not a racial remark) the unlawful, the bad no matter what color will not be tolerated in Prince William County. I pray for the victims family as well as the family of the idiot that pulled the trigger and the others involved. But in praying I want them prosecuted harshly and post the outcome to send a message to deter the next idiot that want to take this path of thugging and delinquency.




Totally agree!


Rob, I am also a black man and just posted somthing similar to what you posted. My only question is why dont these cowards talk to us like this in the street or when we interact with them? I have never had a racial issue in PwC in all the years I have lived here. But it seems that they are cowards.

My heart goes out to the family of this young kid. Smoking or selling weed should not lead to death. For anyone.

I hope the guilty parties rot in jail.


Well said Rob

Peter26......sounds like you know a lot. How was the family involved with these thugs?


Here is the Facebook page of Brenden's mother.


Thanks for the response mommmmm, you new him personally; sorry for your loss.

Great comment Rob.


No problem and yes I did and thank you


I actually had to put out a lot of reports on kymothy he stole from me and my family


Fry all of them!


bugmenot- you are another nut job, do a little research and you would find that I have no Problem with folks accurately calling things as there are. I'm one of those folks who have no probl doing so. The fact is, there are criminals in all races... What a shame that such ignorance is coming out of pwc... Thanks for proving to us the type of folks who voted for bagger, Comstock.


I'm black, know plenty of young black men killed by other blacks, includng my own NIECE and I voted Comstock! What does that have to do with anything! You have negated any intelligent comment you made with that one simpe line as well as contradicted yourself. You implied ignorance of others with your own!


Congratulations. You voted for a person against raising the minimum wage, a person who will fight additional recreational resources for the kids of the county, a person who thinks the earth is 6K years old, a person who is for slashing taxes for business abd then slashing funding for social programs.

I bet your a christian at the same time.



Please try and educate yourself on the political offices of which you speak. Comstock was elected to represent her district in Congress and will have next to nothing to do with providing "recreational resources to the children of the county" as she is working at a national level.

If you want to change what is available to the children in the county then get involved locally at the county level. Or do some damn parenting and make your own recreational resources for your kids instead of wanting someone to organize it for you. It cost absolutely nothing for concerned parents to organize an outing to a park so their kids can play and interact.


I voted for Gerry Connolly, but I would have voted for Comstock if I lived in that district.


There are many more adults that buy and do drugs than teenagers. When your attitude is marijuana is natural and prescription drugs are always medicine, even if the prescription isn't yours, chances are your children will get involved in drugs. Some drug abusers would say, its convenient that my son or daughter has connections with dealers. Especially if you want to be the "cool" parent.

Comment deleted.

You could ask that same question of the following parents,
Jeffrey Dahmer
Gary Ridgway
Ted Bundy
John Wayne Gacy
Tim Mcveigh
Eric Frein.
Would you like me to continue.


Why was this guy on the street? Courts have something to answer for!!!


I don't care if you ate black, orange or purple, if you voted Comstock, you have intellectual deficiencies :-)


First of all. My heart goes out to this young mans family. Dealing in weed or pills should not lead to a death sentence. This is a tragedy. I am glad they caught the people who did this.

However, the shame is that as a black man living in Woodbridge, I cannot join in the collective grief and outrage due to the fact that every story about this is covered with comments from people who seem like they are in the KLAN.

What is it with you snakes? I have lived here 14 years and NEVER have been racially disrespected to my face. However, you snakes treat inside nova like its a courage potion. Why don't you guys talk in public like you do online? I play golf with you, eat at same restaurants as you. Pick you up as slugs. Live along side of you. But in private you are such different people.

And some really juvenile comments about "maybe we should riot like ferguson" or "where is Jessie or Al"? HELLO, ignorant people. People generally protest or get civil rights leaders when the authorities DO NOT do the job they are paid to do. In this case the PWP did exactly what they are paid to do.

And you cowardly racist snakes are the first ones to talk about someone playing the race card.

Read the comments. No african american should have to sit being judged by a jury of 12 of you cowardly snakes. Or how many of you are teachers, or police officers or in positions of authority at work? Cowards!

here is a note. Most black people (like myself) hate crime and criminals. And we are also victims of crimes also.

It is 2014 and I had to write this. WOW.

Bye cowards.


Maybe the reason white people have been racially disrespected before is that people are afraid you will murder them or murder their children?

JJ Reynolds

The fact that the top song on adult radio station WPGC is the violence laden "MY N***a" says it all...

Comment deleted.

DO you have any idea how many white people are in jail? Do you think you are pushing buttons or hurting someones feelings?

Why are you so unhappy? What have black people done to you?

Does sitting on your computer spewing racial stuff make you feel like a success in a failed life?


What is needed is a little bit of family values... sit down together to eat dinner and discuss their day....father stays home a night... keep the kids active with activities...throw in maybe a little religion....Black, white, Spanish. What hell have we become in the last years???


I posted yesterday. Activities in PwC are very expensive. People who volunteer with the youth in the county run into road block after road block.

Try renting a gym from the school system. Its about 200 a hour.


So Peter 26, if I can read between the lines, it sounds like mom was involved. Weed as natural and prescription stuff as medicine. Hmmmmm


There is a candle lite vigil there at 7pm tonight. It was on the news.
What happens in a community is everyone responsibility. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. The ways to fight crime, is to be aware of your surroundings, and who is in your neighborhood, and who you rent to or let in your house and your life. If you stop the stupidity at the door, that is a start.
Please view this site that will help you to get information on people in your life or trying to get into your life who are criminals and their record.
This site is run by the State of Virginia and is free public information;
Free Access to and run by the state of Virginia is
Case Status and Information - Judiciary of Virginia
Go to this web site:

Instructions on how to use this system.
1. Click on the above link
2. On the left side, put your cursor over: “Case Status and Information”
3. Slide to the right and put your cursor over: “General District Court”
4. Click on: “Case Information”
5. Type in the box the number at the bottom of the page, click on “Accept”
6. Got to the left side and click on the “down arrow” and click on “Prince William County” or whatever county you want to view.
7. On the left side go to the tab “Traffic/Criminal”, click on “Name Search”
8. Type in the Last name, and the first initial or name
9. Next line down, click on the down arrow for “Data Status” and choose “All”
10. Click on search
11. Search the list for who you are trying to fine.
Please share this information with everyone you know.
Birds of a feather flock together


Sucks that something like this happens in our community & instead of everyone uplifting one another, taking precautions & making sure each other stays safe everyone is focusing on the wrong thing. I've skimmed through as much of these comments that I could tolerate. And I for one am disgusted. I will not condone in the antics of speaking on race because it's irrelevant in any case. I just pray the family can make it through this tough time & may God be with everyone. I will keep you all in my prayers!


RIP to that kid but people really need to get their story straight. I'm not bashing his death because nobody deserves to pass away that way, but despite his parents denying any drug related allegations about his son, he was into all sorts of stuff. He was selling weed and even had a gun, I bet ya'll didn't know about any of that. Apparently before it all went down, from somebody who was there along with a bunch of other kids , he flashed is gun to the two gentlemen you see on the mugshots. It was definitely over drug disputes. This kid was living a lifestyle that ends in either prison, or death. He was definitely a victim no doubt, but he was not an innocent victim. From the great vine, I would hear that he would flash his gun to people to scare them . He was living a double lifestyle , which is why the parents, friends and family think this is a cold murder. .RIP to him regardless, just have to know all the facts.


Jay, if he flased his gun to the people who killed him and yo uare aware of that please have the person go to the police to provide a statement.

Paul Miller

I'm guessing there's a good chance the police already have a solid picture of what happened (though not discouraging anyone from providing additional info to the police).

This murder was only a day old when the police felt comfortable releasing info to the public that this was probably drug related. If Brenden had a gun, either it was found with the body or taken by the guy who shot him, and that probably has been a point of discussion between that guy and the police.


Just like that other guy said, the police already probably have a good picture of what happened by now. Plus, I can't make anybody say anything. I am in way shape or for involved, nor can any one make me be involved, because I was at my house watching a movie, lol. I just hear things from the great vines. I was just pointing out despite the media, because obviously the media loves to twist things, not insidenova, but like the bigger outlets, like the bigger news broadcasts. They like to paint a certain picture. He was all about living that sketchy life. There's a price to that type of lifestyle, he just pressed his luck this time. Before even this situation, even my friends little brother about same age as Brenden, Brenden pulled out a gun on him. Just weird to see how he's painted as just an innocent kid walking home, when he was all into that lifestyle. At some point it catches up to you. Now am I justifying those two men, not really, but that 16 year old kid should be old enough to know what that life brings to the table. Just sad he had to learn it by dying.


And I had some grammatical errors. I meant I am in no way shape or form involved. I don't want people misunderstanding me. I'm just expressing how I feel about it. I don't to go to the police for some thing I heard, that's my own right not to do so


Jayboy, you are absolutely correct.


Whether or not this crime was drug related. If any high school kid was reading my comment right now, I would just like to say if you're going to get involved with smoking weed, dealing, partying, etc. be careful who you associate with and who you choose to trust. You can become involved with some generally sketchy people that can lead to sketchy situations, and overall, none of that stuff is worth the trouble it can get you in. There are so many more productive things you can do, join clubs or sports at school or find quality hobbies outside of school that you can enjoy instead of becoming involved dealing, partying etc. By absolutely NO means am I relating this to the life of the victim, or saying that is what he was involved in. Just speaking generally that it is no secret what any high school kid can become involved with and would just like to say be careful with the decisions you make.

From one skateboarder to the another. RIP.


great post.


WHERE IS THE NATIONAL OUTRAGE AND LOOTING???!!! Armed black felon kills unarmed white teenager. If the shooter was white and the victim was black this would be a headline on every news channel. We would have Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson here on the double if this was reversed. It would be called racism not a drug deal.

Actuallyhawa... You are a freaking moron. Politics have nothing to do with a black thug murdering people. Anyone you disagree with is a nut. Your a creaking moron.

To the murderous thug; may your lethal injection be as painful as the losses your actions caused. Burn in hell.


Ignorance and hate from cowardly devils who claim christianity.

"If the shooter was white and the victim was black this would be a headline on every news channel."

It would be a headline ONLY if the shooter was given his gun back and told to have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thugs who committed this crime are now in jail and will hopefully DIE THERE.

You racist are sickening. A disgusting shooting of a unarmed boy by thugs with no regard for life AND disgusting race baiting from internet racist cowards making this about race.


Pleasantly23- why are you choosing to wear blinders? If a white person offends a black person or hispanic person it's automatically called racism regardless of what happened? What are you some big tough guy calling everyone cowards for calling a situation for what it is?

The point everyone is trying to make here is pretty clear and simple; black victim white shooter = national outrage, protest and probably some stupid sound bites from Obama. Because the victim is white people are dismissive and call it a drug issue.

And let's be clear on another point; you don't want this to be about race, then why do you feel the need to qualify your remarks by saying you are a "black man". If race truly meant nothing to you, you would have have no need to mention this.


You guys are not only cowards you are also ignorant. I as a BLACK MAN am outraged at this MURDER. My friends are OUTRAGED at this murder. What do you want?

the ignorance you display is simple. Why did they protest in Ferguson or for Trayvon martin? Was it because a white person killed a black? Are yo ureally that simple, gullible and ignorant?

Or was it becuase it looked like the killer would not get a day in court.

It is very ignorant of you to equate a murder by thugs (2 black 1 white) and the thugs being arrested. To two murders where the killers looked/look like they would not face a jury.

It is about race when i log on and see comment after comment about black people from cowardly snakes who smile in your face in reality but get online drink courage juice and spout racial sterotypes and racial insults.



None of the perpetrators were white... they're are pictures for all three on inside nova, and all are black.

JJ Reynolds

"Drugs are a victimless crime."

Libertarians and dopers

JJ Reynolds

Street Survival 101:

If you are anywhere near a young male who has:

a hoodie
spread ears
a neck or face tattoo
droopy pants
a thug beard

You are a heart beat away from being violently assaulted...


Name calling- check
vile personal insults- check
throwing blame around- check
using obscene sexual slurs- check

This is the way the left degenerates every social discussion in which they can't possible hold a defensible position. Ignore the idiotic trolls like "pleasant" and "actually" because they bring nothing to the discussion except hate. It comes out of the grassroots organizing playbook. Sow hate and division using message and comment boards.


Are you even reading these comments? Do you see how they are blaming ALL black people, calling for jessie or Al, referencing Obama, etc....

Do you have blinders on?

I stand by my comment. I think you and many of the people posting on inside nova or fake christian snakes who are indeed cowards.

Every time I see a black person in the crime section you have to read comments about race. When a white person commits a crime its only about that person being a bad seed. But when it is a black person. Its culture.

How about this? Some people are just LOSERS in life black and white. When the meth head who stole the car last week had his picture in the paper I did not see all white people. I just saw that one meth head.

There is no BLAME being thrown around. I BLAME the criminals who commited the crime.

As for name calling. I think most of you guys are cowards based on my initial response. All of this racial stuff online and inperson you guys are respectful as can be. To me that is cowardly. I am sure after 14 years in PwC and never being disrespected to my face but seeing it daily in inside nova you guys are COWARDS.

I will not continue with you.

My thoughts and prayers are with Brandon's family.


Jess15 you are SO right. A young life has been lost. Race should NOT play a part in this situation. We as adults need to come together in our communities. Almost EVERYONE is quick to point out the race card. We are NOT in Ferguson or anywhere else. We are in Woodbridge, VA. Come on people, concentrate on what is important and that is this young man's family and the youth. Now mind you, kids will do what they feel they should and want to do at times but it is up to us as parents and adults to try and guide them in the right direction. This has been said before but until we start practicing what we say nothing will happen. I raised 3 productive citizens who went to PWC Public schools and so did I. No problems with my kids because I did my job as a parent. All three went to college and graduated and are working very good jobs. I'm saying that to say this, we need to STOP the "race hate" and embrace our kids no matter who they are or what "color". Until this happens, situations like these will continue to happen.


More model citizens allowed to roam our streets, despite an abundance of evidence that they ought to be locked up.

My heart goes out to the family.


Williams- great post and you are absolutely right ...


Every and any loss life through violence is horrific and should be condemned regardless of race, ethnicity or national origin. Period! Time for some commenters to grow up....

SerpentKing- you have some great points. Upbringing plays a great part in our mentality... And everyone is innately good people, it's all about how they were nurtured; love and attention from parents vs. "attention" from the streets. Again, may Brenden rest in peace.


It's sad that some people have no respect for the human race. It's not a matter of color, religion or gender, it's a matter of ignorance. These people were raised with no morals and no respect. How else are they supposed to act in society? It's a shame that a life was taken over drugs. It's a shame that this guy was out of jail. It's a same that so many families are effected by this act of ignorance.
My kids are raised to be respectful and make good decisions. If you have to question your decision, then it's probably not a good one.


So how come whenever some Black criminal gets shot, all the Black people (except Bill Cosby) says it was a racist act and that the White man must pay and all minority businesses must be burned to the ground after all the black people rob and pillage them.

But when a Black criminal murders anyone including minors then race has nothing to do about it?

Can someone please let the black community that they are a bunch of hypocrites?


What you fail to understand is white on black murders as well as black on white murders happen and have happened all of the time. Police on unarmed civilians is what caused the whole uproar you speak of in OH. Is the guy who's suspected of murdering this kid in jail? yes. Is that police officer who murdered the kid in OH in jail? No, huge difference. Did the black community act as such when the two white brothers killed and burned the black guy in the hotel and left him to burn in the parking lot? No- Why? because they were incarcerated just like this murderer is.


Actually, you are incorrect bugmenot.... not just Bill Cosby, but Allen West would agree with you as well!


Spoken by Allen West himself- An AMAZING man:

In case you’re wondering what I think about the events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, well, I wasn’t there — and I’m not investigating the case.

But the incessant riots and looting needs to stop. There is no better way to lose the “moral high ground” than with rioting, looting and incitement to violence by New Black Panthers — I suppose they live by the Rahm Emanuel premise of “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

And the last thing needed is for the usual suspect, Al Sharpton, to show up and enflame the situation — guess there’s some financial benefit there for him.

As for the release of the information on the police officer, the alleged shooter, ask yourself, with a riotous mob and the liberal media, would you want to have your family exposed to attacks of retribution? Unless the officer and his family are placed in protective custody, his name should not be released. Remember the mistaken couple in Sanford, Florida of whom Spike Lee posted their personal information and address?

There will be a coroner’s report and an investigation — but those results and the pain, agony and loss of another young black man will be drowned out by the violent opportunists.


Bill Cosby is a rapist and you are a racist. so I bet you would get along swell.


In another news article with a video of the mother, the reporter said he was screaming for help and then shot, so the drug deal aspect makes no sense. It's almost like laying the blame partly on a 16 year old kid, instead of the fact this shooter never should've been out of jail. He's committed numerous crimes in the county and no charges were brought. If he had been put where he was suppose to be this never would've happened. At what point is our court system going to start bringing charges on these suspects police keep catching and no charges are brought?


If you got shot you would scream for help also. He apparently went for his gun and then was shot. This is tragic and this kid is a victim, this is very sad. But he was not a perfect angel, let this be a lesson to the parents and the kids out there.

If you do drugs and let your kids do drugs, if you let your 16 year old deal drugs and have a gun, this could happen to you or your kids.


Peter, I'm trying to find the article from a couple of days ago with his family. I believe it said people heard him screaming, then gunshots. I haven't read anywhere the things you are saying, as in most of these cases rumor becomes fact, people spread it, and slander runs rampid. I've also noticed many families paying closer attention to social media in cases, slander is still a crime, even if it's online.


If yo ugot shot what is the first thing you would do? Scream maybe?


Culture of violence continues...


Brad, do you just go from story to story repeating culture of violence continues? What do you comment on positive stories? What do yo udo in YOUR community to help?

Yes, there is a culture of violence... But you can do things to help.

yes, from reading these comments there is a strong culture of racism. But thats not going anywhere until they die away and more progressive embracing people are left


Live by the sword, die by the sword. Where were the parents when he needed them? Mom? Dad? Too little too late.


Bugmenot let me explain. You are the real hypocrite and bigot for lumping all black people (except Bill Cosby) into one frame of mind. Im sure if u sat down and used your brain for five seconds u can come up with five more black people that you are sure do not shout racism every time a black is killed by white. Imagine what u can do with 60 seconds!


First my condolence to the family. This senseless killing was not over a joint or a bag of weed but was about someone dealing in a little weight and when you have access to little weight it bring out the predators. I may be wrong but let's see what the investigation bring out.

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