The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office says a weekend robbery in Chantilly reportedly involving assailants in Batman and Superman masks didn't happen after all.

Detectives have determined the robbery report was unfounded and the jogger's wallet was not stolen, the sheriff's office said in a news release.

The man told authorities he was assaulted and had money stolen while he was jogging in Chantilly on Saturday. He said it happened about 6 p.m. after he was approached by two strangers, one in a Batman mask and the other in a Superman mask, who originally asked to borrow his phone.


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Seems more like Joker and Scarecrow than Batman and Superman.


The defund the police crowd sure loves the CIA and FBI interfering with a presidential election. Will they denounce the FBI and CIA?


Sure, once Trump denounces Putin and the GRU. Still waiting on that since his debacle in Helsinki when he acted like Reek. Or when it came out that the Russians were putting bounties on American troops. Or when Trump bent over backwards to get Russia back into the G7 (if you remember, they were kicked out because of the annexation of Crimea).

While we are waiting, lets put in an order for those taxes while we are at it. Its been 4 years so far...

Y'all got conned.


@Covid2021. What does your comment have to do with the article?

PWC resident since '69

Nothing, he is just a dick

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