Police have obtained warrants charging a suspect in last week's deadly quadruple shooting in Dale City and detectives are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

Donald Antonio Barahona Quinonez, 28, of no fixed address, is wanted for three counts of murder, one count of aggravated malicious wounding, four counts of use of a firearm in a felony and four counts of shooting into an occupied dwelling, Prince William County police 1st Sgt. Jonathan Perok said.

On May 26, police were called to the 14700 block of Birchdale Avenue near the Birchdale Recreation Center at 2:23 p.m., where they found one of the four shooting victims, 37-year-old Edwin Geovanny Salermon, outside the house. He was later pronounced dead at the scene, said Prince William County Police Master Officer Renee Carr.

Officers then found the three other victims inside and provided first aid until fire and rescue arrived. One of the men, 41-year-old Luis Alonzo Salgado-Rivas, died later Friday at the hospital, Carr said.

A third victim, identified as 23-year-old Kevin Josue Vallecillo Mendoza, died Saturday at an area hospital, Carr said. The fourth victim, a 21-year-old man, is expected to survive.

“The investigation revealed a gathering was occurring inside the home when one of the attendees brandished a firearm and began firing, striking four men,” Carr said in a news release. “Other parties inside the home ran from the residence after the shooting, including the alleged shooter.”

birchdale shooting.jpg

Police on the scene of a quadruple shooting in Dale City on May 26, 2023.

Anyone with information on Barahona Quinonez's whereabouts is asked to call police. A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

The case marks Prince William County's 10th and 11th homicides of 2023. Last year, the county saw 20 homicides, double the number from 2021.

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Patrick Mcconnell

Thanks to sanctuary county, Woodbridge, dale city, and manassas r now gangster territories. Thanks the democratic politicians. I’m sure they don’t live in these areas.

Farmall Super H

The problem is brain-dead idiots perpetually voting democrat.

John Stuart Mill

Explain the gun crimes in Texas then.

Mike Hunt

Even in the red states, this type thing happens in blue run urban city areas run by…..you guessed it….democrats!

John Stuart Mill


We should round up all gun-owners (don't care if you procured them illegally or not) and imprison them. They clearly show intent to cause malicious harm by the mere fact of owning a weapon, whether that be in self-defense or not.

AND there are more deaths by firearms in states with lax gun control laws. Straight up truth by the numbers.

Youngkinz Constituent

@ John

Maybe you should change your name from John Dutko to John Stuart Mill.

John Stuart Mill


Sure. Why not.

Rod McSmith

Most violent cities are actually republican run cities per capita

Paul Benedict

This is the new Prince William County norm. But, just think of all the tax dollars that data centers will bring in to help with the problem. We will be able to hire more woke consulting firms to study how racism is the problem that is causing this increase in murder. Remember, if the killer(s) was under 25, it is really not that serious, or at least that is how they look at it in Maryland. At this rate we will have 26 or 27 murders by year's end. Would that be a record?

Tom Fitzpatrick

This isn't a Police problem.

This is, at its root, a citizen problem.

Citizens in the neighborhoods, and in the voting booth.

Until citizens doing a better job of being citizens and obey the law and elect officials who value and promote law enforcement, Prince William County will continue its downward spiral into the toilet. In EVERY neighborhood on EVERY street. Don't kid yourselves into thinking that you are safe from this violence and other crime because your house is worth $600k plus.

Paul Benedict

You are right about it being a citizen problem. Too many citizens (and non-citizens) have zero respect for human life.

Youngkinz Constituent


Catherine Simmons

Youngkinz Constituent, you really shouldn't get into a discussion with Dutko, he is not all there and has nothing better to do but argue and insult people on this and other boards. Funny though he says he hates guns at every level, but he claims his grandfather was some big war hero and it makes me wonder how he must have fought the war, shooting with a water gun 😜.

Youngkinz Constituent

@ Cat

The all mighty Dutko is Omnipresent? Is that what you're saying?

Man, Johnny D, you've got quite the following! Can I have your autograph?


John Stuart Mill

Hey Catherine!

I appreciate your sincere comments.

I am a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have seen combat and have use my weapons against enemy combatants. My primary weapon was the M249 when I was dismounted. As a gunner, I operated the .50 cal machine gun, whereupon I made the most contact with enemy combatants.

I have seen what weapons can do to the human body. That is why I am anti-gun.

So f**k you.

Go celebrate Memorial Day with some stupid shopping sales.

John Stuart Mill

Samesies for police.

Catherine Simmons

Dear Dutko/Stuart Mills or whatever you are calling yourself this month. I don't appreciate your vulgar comment, just for your information I won't be going to sales on Memorial Day as I am a Gold Star Mother, so you should not comment on here when you really don't know who you are commenting to. I will be at Arlington, visiting my son. You on the other hand can sit here and post nasty comments, at least your alive. Please from now on read the directions for posting on here, it clearly says no vulgarity, but you seem to ignore that. FYI I don't believe a word you said about being in Iraq or even in the military as you never in all your millions of posts did you ever mention that. You only told of your Hero Grandfather Dutko!! Your filthy mouth to a woman tells a lot about your character, low life comes to mind.

Youngkinz Constituent

@ Cat

No offense, but I don't recall any posts ever by John highlighting personal lineage. If anything, he's only represented himself, and I only recall a post related to his service prior to today once, and that was a while ago. I also don't take him to be a liar of any sorts, but that's my opinion. So when I responded to your post, I tried to make some light of it. Again, another post about John, directed elsewhere.

I don't think either of you deserve to upset by one another on Memorial day weekend. I'll let you two figure out the rest. Maybe you two have more in common than you realized.

Thank you both!

John Stuart Mill


Apologies for my comments. However, you have to acknowledge the following:

-John Dutko was a MOH winner and totally not my relative

-You are an internet denizen and you could be a cat for all I care

-You don't have to believe anything I say nor do I have to prove anything.

-Before you make comments about "shooting water guns" consider the same could be said for your kin.

-I'm surprised that a gold star mother doesn't recognize the 3rd Infantry Division symbol.

You can take my words with a grain of salt. I honestly do not care.

Move on with life and appreciate the time you have with the people around you that you love. Random internet people shouldn't put a dent in your day.

Celebrate this weekend however you have to.

Ann Terry

Best. Comments. EVER! Call yourself whatever you like, but keep the stripes so I can find you! Your comments are intelligent, interesting accurate and hilarious! I love it when a magat can’t answer a question but instead hurls insults as if they matter!! Thank you!!!

Youngkinz Constituent

"Don't kid yourselves into thinking that you are safe from this violence and other crime because your house is worth $600k plus."

Great point, but we'll agree to disagree with your grandiose vision of minnieville and telegraph becoming the next Tyson's with a stadium to boot!

Same with Potomac Shores, which is already being developed with the community in mind, which means no commondos field!

Or maybe the Harris Group will go bold and drop "Washington" all together and become the Virginia Commanders in an ideal location.

If you build a Winner, they will come!

Farmall Super H

Democrats want PWC to turn into a Prince Georges County crime-laden anti-police democrat shi*hole that always votes democrat. It's simple as that. Akin to DC where democrats there are finally going after Bowzer et al over violent crime going through the roof, they'll still vote 98% democrat. Complete insanity,

Chuck Jamison

Man. Kevin Hughart of the PWC Police Department told WTOP News that the shooting happened in a "quiet part of the county in a nice, residential neighborhood. That’s got to be some kind of joke. No Neighborhood that branches off Dale Boulevard let alone most neighborhoods in area code 22193 are quiet and nice! No wonder the entire area is one big crime scene with that kind of lackluster observation.

Jorge Madera

You are ignorant. There are plenty of neighborhoods that branch off Dale Blvd in the 22193 zip code that are amazing.

Bill Rio

Sorry Jorge,

Chuck may be intentionally trying to be mean, but he's right, I drove right by there yesterday. It was right across from the youth baseball field on Dale Blvd that looks like the last time it was taken care of was 1992.

Drive through there. And if you really think it is "amazing" maybe do some work to make it that way instead of gaslighting because you don't want to admit your town is crime infested.

Jorge Madera

Far too broad of assumptions being made. The Ridgefield Estates border Dale Blvd and PW Parkway via Quate Lane. That also happens to be 22193. Nice try though 🤡

Chuck Jamison

Bill -

Not trying to be mean. I’ve lived here since 1967 and have stated a fact. I know what it was and what it is now and comparing the two it is now pretty much a lawless community. In my eyes Dale City has become more or less a glorified shanty town, a sad state of affairs unfortunately.

Chuck Jamison

Jorge - Quate Lane and Lashmere Ct. intersect each other. This is the location where police officer Ashley Guindon and Crystal Hamilton were murdered along two other police officers who were shot and injured. Your standards must be pretty low.

Catherine Simmons

Chuck, you are spot on. It must be a new spokesman for PW police as that was a ridiculous statement. As quite neighborhood my foot. Did they forget the dead body they found on the corner of Birchdale and Dale not too long ago or the Shoot-out at Cloverdale neighborhood last summer, the drug dealing behind the laundry mat and the NEW 7-11 and Shell station? I could go on and on. The crime here is off the rails, you have break ins, Car Jackings, Wells Fargo Bank on Dale Blvd has been robbed so many times I have lost count. You have a machete wielding nut job walking down Dale Blvd just swinging his weapon, geez was he just out for a stroll, I don't think so. As for the people on this forum I don't know where you get your information from, but you need to realize that Dale City/Woodbridge is ridden with crime and it's getting worse every day. This County has allowed these little homes to become way overcrowded; the neighborhoods have become work sites with all the businesses running out of these homes. Just look at all the trucks. But, Never fear Ann Wheeler to the rescue!! What in the world would that camera hungry woman accomplish by showing up to a crime scene other that it's an election year!!! Of course, if there is a camera, a ribbon to cut, a dinner to go to etc, she makes sure she is in the photos, What a joke. There is more to say but let's all face it this place may be too far gone, we don't have enough cops, but they pay $350,000 to the new County Executive from of all places Baltimore, Yeah, he did a great job there!!! We pay almost $215,000 for a Police Chief from DC Yeah, he did a great job there!!! The cops on the street need the big money, not these supervisors, nor these overpaid out of towners. Face it neighbors this is not going to get any better unless the citizens vote them out and then I am not sure that is going to help us as the cause might already be lost. Been here over 45 years and have never seen it this bad.

Youngkinz Constituent

"Been here over 45 years and have never seen it this bad."

There you have it, folks. Unbiased and straight forward.

Mike Hunt

Constants in life, like that of pie=3.14, so is daily shootings in the majority minority democrat ghetto of dale sh*tty.

Mark Twain

Years ago the anti police sentiment started in PWC. Kids and adults openly flipping off police and telling them to F themselves. People complaining about cops making traffic stops just because "I was just going 10mph over the speed limit". Cops being called racist. Those same cops who spend their entire careers rushing into danger to protect persons of every race. Many cops in Dale City and Woodbridge spend 80% of their time helping non white victims and deeply caring about them....you know who loves anti police rhetoric? The real evil people in society because they exploit it. You know who hates that same rhetoric? The good people of every neighborhood who have to live around the 1% of society that now feels emboldened.

I challenge the PWC police to go back to being street cops again. Stop people at 3am who are creeping around bad neighborhoods. Seek out the worst criminals in your area and go after them until you lock them up so many times that they move out of PWC. Chief, get your officers on the move and get after these creeps. Acknowledge the county has a gang, gun, and drug distribution issue. Playtime is over.

Jessica Medeiros

There are so many freaking ads that I cannot even read this story. The pop ups skew everything. I need to find a new local news source.

You Know

Queen Ann showed for two reasons, 1 it is election year and she is trying to get votes by acting concerned, 2 she showed up so she can put in the Wheeler report that she did. What a joke she is. Let’s vote her out on June 20th.

Ronald Mahaffey

It amazes me that the PWC Board of Supervisors would show up to a shooting. Not sure why and what she has to do with this? This county needs serious attention, gang activity is on the increase, police presence is lacking, board of supervisors needs to change. Specifically get rid of Wheeler, AND others...we have two (2) that support our law enforcement and are concerned about the county residence and not their wallets. WAKE UP PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY OR WE'LL LOOK LIKE PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY IN MARYLAND. THE POLICE CHIEF HERE NEEDS SERIOUS DIRECTION OR REQUEST HIS RESIGNATION.

Youngkinz Constituent

It's memorial day weekend, think of it as President, VP, And Speaker.

Wheeler is the Speaker. She filled in.

Chuck Jamison

I’ve lived in this county for 55 years. You are 100% dead on right! I’ve never seen such a farce in all my time living here. Prince William County is down right embarrassing and the regional joke.

Paul Benedict

I don't particularly care for the police chief, but I don't think he is the main problem. Teens and young adult males (mostly) are not punished for less serious crimes and they keep getting more hardened as they go. Prince William County is now a breeding ground for violence.

Youngkinz Constituent

"Teens and young adult males (mostly) are not punished for less serious crimes and they keep getting more hardened as they go."

Yes and it's been brought to my attention this is now occuring because that is the policing policy now. If any can confirm/deny this, please do.

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