A police officer was injured Thursday night in a crash on Va. 28 at Piper Lane. Photo courtesy Hal Baumgardner

A 57-year-old Manassas woman has been charged with reckless driving in a Thursday night crash on Va. 28 that left a Prince William County police officer injured.

The officer had to be extracted from his cruiser after the wreck, which happened at 8:36 p.m. at the intersection of Va. 28 and Piper Lane.

The officer was released from the hospital on Friday.

Police say the officer, in a marked Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser, was making a left turn from Piper Lane onto southbound Va. 28 when the driver of a Ford Edge traveling north disregarded and red light and collided with his cruiser.

The other driver was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Tracey Suzanne McMiillian, 57, of the 11000 block of Beamer Way in Manassas, was charged with reckless driving following investigation, police say.

The crash happened at the same intersection where Prince William police Officer Chris Yung was killed on Dec. 31, 2012. Yung, a motorcycle officer, was responding to an emergency when a minivan pulled out in front of him at Va. 28 and Piper Lane. 


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A speeding cruiser t-boned a minivan at GMU this week, hitting it hard enough to flip the van. The police officer was at fault for speed, and I assume, being distracted.

KK33p 1T 100

We all know the badge always wins it’s no such thing as a lying or wrong cop.


That is funny, it was NOT in the news.........Funny how that happens, with Police at fault[whistling][innocent][wink]

KK33p 1T 100

What new rule will y’all make at this intersection pwc? Y’all better stop takin L’s at that intersection 🤣🤣🤣

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