Inova COVID-19 Vaccination Center

Courtesy Fairfax County schools

Fairfax County Public Schools announced Wednesday evening that canceled employee appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine are now back on and being rescheduled.

Earlier this week, all appointments for first doses were canceled due to a nationwide shortage of the vaccine.

"Today, we received good news. We are working with Inova and Fairfax County to reschedule appointments that were canceled earlier this week, beginning with several thousand appointments opening Thursday-Sunday (Jan. 28-31) for FCPS employees," the school division said in a statement.

Some employees will receive an email from the Fairfax County Health Department inviting them to schedule one of these appointments. The email will invite them to register through a health department link. This email will come to the address you provided during your original registration.

"We know this will not completely alleviate the continued challenges of vaccine availability. The situation remains very fluid, not just in Fairfax County but across the Commonwealth and the nation. We continue to ask for your patience," the statement said.

As vaccine supply allows, more appointments will be opened for school staff, school officials said.

Meanwhile, Loudoun County school officials say they have vaccinated more than 6,100 employees and are working toward a plan of bringing back students in all grade levels on a part-time basis starting March 3.

The news comes after Gov. Ralph Northam on Wednesday announced a promise of more vaccines from the federal government, and a new state allocation system to alleviate shortages.


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Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Injections without an guarantee of immediate (fully opened) in person classes? That’s preposterous! In times of crisis, most Americans leap to go above and beyond. But not our local schools. They smelled an opportunity for personal gain! And at the expense of developing children, their scheme worked. Much of this unfolded publicly. And the result has left numerous families distrustful of their county schools. So without a written guarantee, and no trust, FCPS are simply jumping the vaccination line. Congrats to the former pillars of society on being shrewd players in the game of life.

John Dutko

Are you the type of person who berates a fast-food worker? Cuz I am totally getting that vibe of an entitled schmuck who wants everyone else to bend over backwards for themselves.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Absent a strong rebuttal, you’ve chosen to make a pissant comment instead. How predictable.

John Dutko

I aint wrong.

Stay you.

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