Verizon fios outage

Down Detector map showing Verizon Fios outage on Jan. 26, 2021

Verizon Fios is experiencing East Coast outages after a fiber was cut in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning, the company said on Twitter.

Customers from Boston to the D.C. metro are dealing with connectivity issues, slow speeds or just plain no internet. The outage is also impacting schools in Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties, where a majority of students are remote learning.

"FCPS is aware that many people in our region are experiencing internet outages. There are reports that many cities on the East Coast are also reporting problems. FCPS knows some students are not able to login to online classes. We will provide updates as we know more," Fairfax County Public Schools said on Twitter.

An alert at the top of the Prince William County Public Schools website says the school division is aware of the Fios outage and will update when there's information to share.

Loudoun County Public Schools said the outage hit around noon.

"These outages appear to be due a large-scale issue on the Verizon network because of a fiber cut in New York. Verizon FIOS customers on the East Coast are experiencing issues, however many other sites and services also are impacted. LCPS sites and services are online, but access may be limited based on your provider’s network. LCPS will give updates as they become available," the school division said on its website.

The Fios outage also appears to be impacting some Google services, including Gmail, as well as cloud providers and Zoom.

Stay with for updates.


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Sure it's not the left cutting communication lines ????

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