Tracey Lenox

Tracey Lenox

The Virginia Indigent Defense Commission announced last week that Tracey A. Lenox has been selected to serve as the Chief Public Defender for the newly created Prince William County Public Defender Office.

A graduate of the College of William and Mary and the University of Connecticut Law School,

Lenox has practiced as a criminal defense attorney in and around Prince William County for over 26 years and is the current President of the Prince William County Bar Association.

Last year, she unsuccessfully ran against current Prince William County Commonwealth's Attorney Amy Answorth for Democratic nomination for the seat left vacant by Paul Ebert.

In her new role, Lenox will be building and leading an office of 35 attorneys and support staff that was created with strong support from the community led by Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE).


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Lawson is clueless

Ms.Lennox job is supported by VOICE, a proven leftist organization that has exorbitant

costs that outweigh the ongoing benefits of it, VOICE is made up of radical community organizers that are funded by George Soros. They were put to rest early on in PWC where they tried to introduce Free Dental for ALL in the County.


Thanks for pointing that out, what a great organization to donate to! If anyone else is interested in supporting VOICE, you can read about their mission here:


Sorry, I decided to get a root canal instead.

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