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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said year-round schooling is one of the options on the table to help students who have fallen behind with at-home learning.

Northam said discussions are already underway, and if the year-round school is approved, it may start next year. He said state education officials are also looking at the possibility of adding school days to the summer.

“Our children have suffered from COVID-19 as have our families,” Northam said Wednesday.

As vaccines become more available, giving many hope that the end of the pandemic is coming soon, schools are trying to prepare for the return of students to physical classrooms. One of the concerns educators have is how to help students that struggled during the at-home learning phase.

While no set ideas have been decided, Northam said the need for all schools to welcome students back led to the state’s decision to put its 285,000 teachers and child care workers as part of the next phase of Virginians eligible for vaccines.

“Teachers are critical to getting schools back open, and that’s critical to people getting back to work and literally getting back to normal,” Northam said.

In its current phase, health care personnel and staff and residents at long term care facilities can receive vaccines.

While opening schools does not depend on teachers getting vaccinated, Northam said he believes it makes things easier.

“We want to get our children back in school, we want to do it safely and responsibly,” Northam said.

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How is he going to accomplish this? He is going to have to pay teachers more for the year round school....and since the idiot democrats are in control of the state and already are letting collective bargaining to happen and the next chip to fall with their stupid leadership the teachers and their union will be allowed to strike when the demands are not Northam and the liberal idiots will see how fast their dumb ass decisions from the past will make this future decision be the straw that breaks this once great states back.


Or... Look at how other states that have year round school and implement those plans? It’s not a radical idea. Even Florida does it.


What Northam wants is to add more days to the year. If he follows other states that do year round it will not add more time to the school year. They eliminate summer by going to a 45/15 meaning schools are open for a quarter -45 days then close for a 3week 15 day break. Students do the same 181 or so days a year, the break is just 4 times a year instead of all summer. I'm sure parents are going to be happy when they have to find daycare in February or October for 3 weeks.


Not what they are talking about here. Also, you are going to get teachers wanting more money as some of them work in summer school or other jobs.


Good points


Teacher unions should be abolished. They only are there for money and power. They hurt children they pretend to help.


You sound like one of them "freedom fighters" that raided the capital building. So much hate in your tone.


Good. Maybe if we put more of an emphasis on education and discipline, the students would succeed later in life.

PWC resident since '69

Discipline, there is no discipline in many PWC schools unless that sense of discipline has been established at home rather than the sense of entitlement displayed by many. Change rules to service one or two in a class while the other 33suffer...that worked out real well. Failing the majority to kow tow to provide the least restrictive enviro to those that in reality should be locked away or out of mainstream is a recipe for disaster


Schools should be year round now! Without a pandemic, kids suffer during the summer and have to spend time re-learning in the fall. Teachers unions should be abolished because they are all about money and power. They hurt children.


Not year round....more school choice....people can choose what car or food or career they want but they can choose which school to send their child to. Also, the people that bitch about the tax dollars going to private or charter with a voucher is stupid....if my kid gets X amount of money to the local district by being there....then that amount of money that is tied to them should follow them where ever I want them to learn. Almost like all these idiots wanting free college....well can't have free college if they can't learn the basics in a well run and organized school. Like the egg before the chicken.

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