As the United States tops 500,000 deaths related to COVID-19, Virginia reported its worst single-day death total to date on Monday, the third straight day of record high numbers for the state.

The Virginia Department of Health reported 155 new COVID-related deaths Monday, following 134 on Sunday and 99 on Saturday. The 388 total deaths reported over the three-day period are more than have been reported in any single entire week since the pandemic began and bring the state's death total to just under 7,500. 

The health department has said that reports of virus-related deaths often lag far behind other indicators, due to the time required to file, process and verify death certificates and causes of death.    A spokeswoman said the three-day surge is due in part to a backlog in death reports; most of the new deaths reported appear to have occurred in early February. 

Of the new deaths, 49 were reported in Northern Virginia Sunday and Monday combined, with 20 of those in Prince William County and 18 in Fairfax County.  Fairfax has the most deaths of any jurisdiction in Virginia, with 859, while Prince William has the third most, 354.  The remainder of the Northern Virginia deaths reported the past two days were four in Loudoun County, three in Alexandria, two in Arlington County and one apiece in the cities of Fairfax and Manassas.   Loudoun has now surpassed 200 virus-related deaths.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris planned a candle-lighting ceremony and moment of silence at the White House on Monday evening to mark the 500,000 American lives lost to COVID-19. 

Meanwhile, separate data show that the number of new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations for treatment of the virus continue to fall statewide and in Northern Virginia.

The health department reported just 274 new cases of COVID-19 in Northern Virginia on Monday, following 660 on Sunday. The region's seven-day average of new cases, which peaked Jan. 18 at 1,628.4, is now down to 446.3, its lowest level since before Thanksgiving.

Statewide, 1,155 new cases of coronavirus were reported Monday, following 2,303 on Sunday.  Monday's number was the lowest since Nov. 2, and the state's seven-day average, which peaked Jan. 18 at 6,128.4, is down to 1961.7, its lowest level since Nov. 19.

Data by locality for Northern Virginia (Feb. 22, 2021)

SOURCE: Virginia Department of Health

Locality Cases Hospitalizations Deaths
Alexandria 10,186 503 107
Arlington 12,894 758 214
Fairfax 65,317 3,466 859
Fairfax City 479 36 13
Falls Church 341 20 7
Loudoun 22,704 832 203
Manassas 3,962 160 35
Manassas Park 1,113 66 8
Prince William 38,744 1,367 354
Totals 155,740 7,208 1,800
County/City Cases Hospitalizations Deaths
Fredericksburg 1,724 91 14
Spotsylvania 8,140 267 89
Stafford 9,341 301 61
Fauquier 3,879 153 45
Culpeper 4,021 162 46

Hospitalizations for treatment of the virus have continued to fall, according to the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association.  The number of patients hospitalized, 1,540, is at its lowest level since Nov. 24. 

Average diagnostic test positivity rates have stabilized in recent days in Northern Virginia and statewide. 

Seven-day average test positivity rate by health district (Feb. 22, 2021)

SOURCE: Virginia Department of Health

Health District Peak Low Current Trend
Alexandria 40.1% / April 23 3.2% / Oct. 18 5.9% Stable
Arlington 42.8% / April 20 2.4% / June 26 4.8% Up
Fairfax 38.6% / April 22 3.3% / Oct. 16 7.2% Up
Loudoun 27.9% / April 28 4.0% / Sept. 30 & Oct. 3 8.2% Up
Prince William 36.7% / April 18 5.4% / Oct. 20 11.0% Up
Rappahannock 19.2% / Jan. 7 3.5% / July 3 11.5% Up
Statewide 20.6% / April 22 4.5% / Sept. 30, Oct. 1,2,12 & 13 8.3% Stable

The health department's vaccine dashboard shows that 1.6 million doses of vaccines have been administered to Virginia residents out of about 2.01 million the state has received.  About 481,000 Virginians have received the requisite two doses for the vaccine to be fully effective.  

Vaccinations are averaging 30,887, below Gov. Ralph Northam's long-term goal of 50,000 a day.    Shortages of supply due to winter weather have lowered that number in recent days, but the state reported receiving another 328,000 doses of vaccines in the past two days. 


New Cases/Deaths

  • Northern Virginia: 274 new cases, 23 new deaths.   

  • Statewide: 1,155 new cases, 155 new deaths.

  • Statewide Testing: 12,655 PCR diagnostic test results.     

Overall Total

  • Northern Virginia: 155,740 cases, 1,800 deaths  

  • Statewide: 565,270 cases, 7,486 deaths

  • Statewide Testing: 5.76 million PCR diagnostic tests (7.29 million when including antibody and antigen tests)  

  • Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) cases: 18 (including four in Fairfax, four in Prince William, and one apiece in Loudoun and Alexandria). 

*Provided by Virginia Department of Health. The health department's COVID-19 data is updated each morning by 10 a.m. and includes reports by local health agencies before 5 p.m. the previous day.

Statewide Hospital and Nursing Home Data

  • Hospitalizations: 1,540 (down from 1,548 the previous day)

  • Peak Hospitalizations: 3,209 reached Jan. 13

  • Patients in ICU: 318 (up from 306 the previous day)

  • Patients Discharged: 45,892 total

  • Nursing Home Patients: 389 as of Saturday(fewest since July 27; no report on Sundays or Mondays) 

*Provided by Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association

For updated national and international COVID-19 data, visit the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus dashboard


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Not surprising. If you read the weekly vaccination reports Arlington County e-mails to residents you's see that the County receives about 2,000 doses per week and, so far, about 15,000 have been vaccinated once, not all County residents 'cause many public safety and school employees aren't County residents. County's resident population is about 230,000. Resident over-65 population is about 24,000.


What a bore insidenova coverage has become. How about a story on why Loudon county took a snow (rain) day from vaccinating. People are dying everywhere but rich white people cannot drive their luxury cars to do their jobs? It's funny rich white supremacists get snow days while we die.


Well, since you asked so nicely - the weather forecast was for a winter storm, and a call had to be made ahead of time, since people have to arrive (safely) -staff as well as clients.

The center will be open this Sunday to make up for the closed day.

You'll be happy to know that those "rich white supremacists" who work at the clinic are mostly unpaid volunteers, many taking vacation days off from their actual jobs to help. I'm certain we all appreciate your kind comment and appreciation you've shown for the volunteer work we do.

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