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A judge has approved Attorney General Mark R. Herring’s request to extend the deadline for voter registration by two days, through 11:59 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 15, due to an internet outage Tuesday that lasted several hours.

A fiber cut took down several state agency websites, including the voter registration portal, preventing Virginians from registering to vote on the final day before the deadline.

“Today’s agreement to extend the voter registration deadline is a big win for democracy. Any eligible Virginian who was not able to register to vote yesterday can now do so,” Herring said in a statement. 

In the granted consent decree, Attorney General Herring agrees that the Commonwealth will:

· Take all action necessary to extend the October 13, 2020 registration deadline until 11:59 pm on Thursday, October 15, 2020

· Take all action necessary to provide notice to the public of the reopening and extension of this deadline

· Provide additional information to the public and to voters attempting to register of alternative methods by which individuals may register to vote, in the event of a system outage during the extension period 

Late Tuesday evening, Attorney General Herring asked the U.S. General District Court to extend the voter registration deadline following an hours-long registration system outage that prevented Virginians from registering to vote. 

You can register to vote online here:


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Colonel Trautman

Vote early, vote often (so says the Democratic Strategist)!


Yep! Don't just vote in presidential election years. Vote for your local initiatives as they affect you more often. And if you vote, dont complain about the state of affairs you are unhappy with.


Vote often as in once every year for the general and once every year for primaries, and any special elections that appear.

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