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The Washington football team began as the Boston Braves in 1932, before renaming to the Redskins in 1933 when they moved their games to Fenway Park, where a baseball team by the name of the Braves was already playing.

The Washington Football Team has announced a "last call" for name submissions to WashingtonJourney.com.

Fans will have until Monday, April 5 at 11:59 p.m. to send in their suggested team names before the franchise moves into the next phase of its rebranding effort culminating in a new team name and logo.

More than 15,000 submissions spanning every state and territory of the U.S., and 60 countries across six continents, have been received since the mid-August launch of WashingtonJourney.com, the team said in a news release.

"We set out to make the rebranding of this storied franchise a truly collaborative and inclusive process and, for the thousands of individuals who have contributed so far, we hear you and we thank you," said Jason Wright, President of the Washington Football Team.

Once submissions close, the team will enter the "insights" phase of the rebranding, when all fan feedback and ideas will be reviewed and considered. This will include a thorough review of submissions to the website and mailed into the team headquarters, additional focus group discussions, surveys, and informal feedback the team has received about the future identity of the team they love.

"This process has underscored the fact that Washington fans are incredibly special," Wright added. "Whether lifelong, multi-generational fans or new DMV residents who just joined the Washington family, they care passionately and personally about their team in a way that is unique to the DMV – rich in culture and heritage, but also forward-looking.

"With the help of our fans, we will create an identity that reflects our shared values, honors our legacy, becomes the anchor of new traditions for the team, and charts our course as a modern franchise of the future."


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Timothy Boyd

Without considering the "Mascot" or "Logo" factor... Here the best name:

"The Washington Majority" or The DC WAM??? - you got options Washington

It's Definitely Original

It's Bold

It's a Statement Name- it has meaning & connotations

It's Unifying & Polarizing at the same time- If you're not for The Majority then...

It's Culture Driven (fan-wise)

[My Opinion] Those 8 or whatever submitted finalist names are weak comparatively.

The "DC" or "Washington" Majority vs.

(Pick a Name)

I'm done selling...

Joan Henderson

Come on man! Really; It’s so obvious what the name should be.

We’ve got the Washington Nationals, and the Washington Capitals!

Why isn’t our football team called The Washington Independents ?

J. Williams

you know hindsight is 20/20 and you have moments in life, deals, arguments, meetings where you wish you would have spoke or said something different well I stand by the Washington “beasts” it has no link to old name but if you decline “beasts” go with what this town in known for as a 2nd option “crooks!”

J. Williams

“beasts” wasn’t listed but I am telling you put it on a few polls and it will soar to the tippy top! no pc names for Washington “beasts” fits its ferocious tenacity it’s football!

Duke Nukem

How about the Washington Moonbats because we all know Dan Snyder will be one when the left is done with him.

Paul Benedict

It has been sugggested by many before me, but I agree to offend as few as possible, the Washington Football Team should be renamed he Landover Redskins.

Henry Howell

I say Washington Warriors, stay triggered con.

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