With a few loud booms, the landmark Holiday Inn at Key Bridge in Rosslyn went up in a cloud of smoke and debris Sunday morning

The demolition at 1900 Fort Meyer Drive in Arlington began around 8 a.m., closing portions of U.S. 29 and Interstate 66 and several roads in Arlington for a few hours. Most roads reopened a little after 9 a.m.

Now that the old hotel across from Georgetown is gone, site developer Dittmar Co. plans to building two towers of 25 and 38 stories connected by a smaller structure, with a hotel, residential units, conference center and restaurant.

The developer plans to build the residential tower first, waiting until it is completed to move forward with the hotel space in hopes that, then, the COVID pandemic will be in the rear-view mirror and both tourism and business travel will have rebounded.


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When I see something that took a long time to build and only a few seconds to bring down I get the feeling that this is how the democrat and AOC plan for America will end up.


Trump still lost for the 18th time.

Democrats are going to have Biden rallies and fly Biden flags from their cars for the next four years. Biden will talk about having a third term. Biden will appoint his children and grandchildren to unaccountable government positions. Biden will willfully obstruct justice and stymy every investigation.

Devin Nunes sued a fake cow for defamation. Steve King was is a Nazi sympathizer. Louie Gohmert thinks that a hammer is an assault weapon.

There are 435 members in the House of Representatives. And all republicans regurgitate are Pelosi and AOC. It's like they only get their news from one source and repeat the same talking points verbatim incessantly.

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