White's Ferry.

The future of White’s Ferry is once again in jeopardy, as the new owners say they can no longer see a way to work with the owners of the Virginia-side landing.

White’s Ferry was established in 1786 and before it ceased operation in 2020, it carried nearly 800 daily users across the Potomac River.

The prior owner of White’s Ferry, Herb Brown, decided to sell the business after failing to reach an agreement with the owners of Rockland Farm in Virginia, who owned the landing. At the time of the sale, Rockland Farm owner Libby Devlin said she was hopeful to come to an agreement with new owners Chuck and Stacy Kuhn.

Devlin had said she was “very much in favor” of a proposal from the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors that would charge a fee per vehicle using the landing. She said Brown had rejected the idea, but “We are optimistic that the Kuhns will be open to such an arrangement.” Recently, Devlin said she favored an agreement after a study was commissioned by Loudoun County, Virginia, and Montgomery County, Maryland.

However, the Kuhns said in a statement Friday that they failed to come to an agreement with Rockland Farm, as well. They also said that the farm has maligned them through “aggressive and misleading online and signage campaigns,” and they have been “insulted in public by a Rockland Farm owner … as recently as Tuesday night in front of the Loudoun County Government Center.”

The Kuhns said they paid for three separate appraisals of Rockland Farm and offered $13 million to buy it, but that the offer was initially ignored before being rejected.

“Rockland Farm’s repeated demands for $2 million cash or 50 cents a car each way along with unacceptable deal terms made negotiations impossible,” the Kuhns said.

The Kuhns said negotiations with Rockland Farm have soured to the point that they do not see a way to do business going forward.

“Given the difficulty and lack of professionalism negotiating with the Rockland Farm ownership, no further negotiations with them appear possible,” their statement reads.

Zeke Hartner is a digital writer/editor who has been with WTOP since 2017. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University’s Political Science program and an avid news junkie.

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David Walters

It’s obvious that there needs to be another bridge built from Montgomery Co to London Co. It’s been proposed many times but the ole NIMBY crowd comes out in full force to shoot it down. How much carbon is emitted from folks making that big loop around the beltway to get into Va?

Janet Smith

Not surprising. Speaking of Loudoun's Equestrian Elite, check out the Arlington Sun Gazette for reports about the demise of the historic Rouse Estate (soon to be renamed McMansion Village) in Arlington.

Donald Quella

How about in-depth reporting about this and other antics of Loudoun's Equestrian Elite by the Sun Gazette's Owner, Publisher, sometime Journalist, and longtime Loudoun resident?

Lynne June

Let’s put politics aside, shall we? I’ll admit that the legalities of real estate and private owners’ land rights are not my forte, but since White’s Ferry appears to be a beneficial and historical source of interstate commuting, could eminent domain for the portion of the land be enacted? Could interstate commerce be applied? Could a national historic designation help with this?

Janet Smith

What's the old saying - Any plan or program that may come from government, non-profits, and for- profits that may make life easier and more comfortable for the Middle Class is purely coincidental?

Harry Morant

Greedy Rich People squabbling, while the average citizens whose lives are made a bit easier by the ferry suffer. It’s not about money for these rich people, it’s about who “wins” the argument. Interestingly, they are both be DEMOCRATS!! See how our “Betters” behave? Wake Up PEOPLE!

(see 2021 Virginia House Resolution 285 “Commending Chuck Kuhn.” Sponsor by four democrats, and the majority owner of Rockland Farm: “Peter Brown, a Democrat supporter whose wife — Margaret Hamburg — was head of the Food and Drug Administration under the Obama administration, will continue as CEO of Renaissance.”)

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