Alison Ansher prince william health district director

Dr. Alison Ansher, director of the Prince William Health District, talks to reporters at the district's vaccination clinic in Manassas Mall last month.

White people in Prince William County are receiving vastly more COVID-19 vaccines than those in other ethnic groups, and the county continues to lag its neighbors in terms of vaccination progress.

The Prince William Health District provided a breakdown of demographics of those who have been vaccinated to the Board of County Supervisors during its meeting Tuesday.

According to the health district, which also includes the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park, vaccines have been distributed to more than 50,000 people locally. Of those, demographic data was available on only about two-thirds, or 33,362 people.

Among those who provided demographic data, 54% were white. The remaining demographic breakdown was 16.9% Latino, 13% Black, 7.7% other race, 6.8% Asian and 0.4% Native American.  According to U.S. Census estimates, Prince William County’s population is 41% white, 24.5% Latino, 22.2% Black and 9.4% Asian.

As of Wednesday, Prince William has seen 39,570 cases of the virus, with 441 deaths. The county ranks second in the state in terms of number of cases, behind only Fairfax County, and third in the number of deaths, behind Fairfax and Henrico counties.

The health district also ranks last in Northern Virginia and is among the lowest in the state in per-capita vaccinations, with just 5.4% of county residents fully vaccinated, according to latest data from the Virginia Department of Health.  In response to that slow pace, Walmart opened a vaccination clinic this week in the former Gander Mountain store near Potomac Mills mall to supplement the county’s clinics at Manassas Mall and George Mason University’s Manassas campus.

Vaccination progress by locality

Data from the Virginia Department of Health as of March 3, 2021. 

Locality Total Doses Administered One dose Two doses Fully Vaccinated per 100,000 residents
Fauquier 17,457 6,017 5,720 8,031
Fairfax 232,325 60,339 85,993 7,494
Alexandria 31,399 9,849 10,775 6,759
Stafford 28,894 8,496 10,199 6,671
Loudoun 79,031 26,795 26,118 6,316
Arlington 40,734 13,314 13,710 5,789
Prince William 76,544 25,866 25,339 5,387

Dr. Danny Avula, the state’s vaccination coordinator, said in a news briefing last week that the Walmart clinic – one of four in the state – will administer about 400 doses a day.   All vaccinations are by appointment only, and residents must register through the state’s vaccination site. 

Supervisor Margaret Franklin, D-Woodbridge, previously issued a directive seeking the demographic data. She has also issued a directive for the county and health district to work together on a plan to address the inequities.

Supervisors have also been discussing creating a county health department to have more influence and say over future public health crises.

County supervisors were alarmed at the disparities presented by the health district and urged officials to create a plan to tackle equity problems.

“That’s unacceptable and there needs to be some plan,” said Supervisor Pete Candland, R-Gainesville. “If we’re seeing that number a month from now, then people need to start getting fired.”

Supervisor Andrea Bailey, D-Potomac, asked Dr. Alison Ansher, director of the health district, to push for a vaccination site in her district. Ansher said the health district can’t control which pharmacies are starting to receive the vaccine, it can only provide recommendations.

Bailey encouraged the health district to work with supervisors to conduct outreach in the community. “If you just talk to us and just ask our opinion, those numbers will change, guaranteed.”

Ansher cautioned that education needs to come before a vaccine clinic in any district will be truly successful.

“I don’t think you can just open up a clinic without doing some footwork if they’re hesitant,” she said. “Before you open up a clinic you have to do some work to actually encourage them that it is safe.”

Supervisor Kenny Boddye, D-Occoquan, said minority communities need more education and outreach to allay their concerns about the vaccine.

“We can educate people, but unless our vaccinations are hitting people where they are and getting them safe and secure, unless that’s a key component of our strategy, people are going to say  ‘Hey this is not a safe thing for me,’” he said.

Supervisor Jeanine Lawson, R-Brentsville, also encouraged the health district to leverage the board as a resource.

We have a finger on the pulse of our districts so please utilize us,” she said. “I haven’t heard anything from the health department about how I can partner with you and the community we represent.” 

Nolan Stout covers Prince William County. Reach him at or @TheNolanStout on Facebook and Twitter.

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Robert Segall

Vaccines are voluntary, how can there be a problem? Some crazy SJW makes one.

Rhonda Gittens

I clicked on this article because I knew there would be lots of comments. You people did not disappoint!. Where are all of you when Brad makes his racist comments. Or when any racist comment for that matter is made in articles that have nothing to do with race. You guys are so quiet then. But when it comes to articles that have an opinion about injustice against black people you guys have so much to say about "this has nothing to do with race!" You are all hypocrites

SL Sims

Absolutely no evidence of racism present here.

So tired of people attributing every statistical difference to racism.

So tired of media perpetuating this race baiting. The only story here, if there must be a story, is "official claims racism despite lack of evidence."

Comment deleted.

What's fake is your assumption of statistics. Try to keep your biased feelings out of it.


Not every person in the county is eligible to receive the vaccine. Giving a percentage of what races have received the vaccine, and then comparing those numbers against the entire population is wrong. You need to get the demographics of who is eligible.

And even then, who gives a care? What a ridiculous topic. [thumbdown]

Brad London

What is unacceptable is an article and a representative making the issue about race when it really isn't. It's about education and many minorities are afraid to get vaccines and to have regular preventative medical exams. But let's just make it about race, again....


Maybe it’s just that county leadership from the very top down has been incompetent for a very LONG time, and a simple rebrand in the politics of the majority on BOCS did absolutely nothing to change that. More of the same. This white guy freely offers you his dose, you can have it. I find it humorous that the party of “inclusivity” deems NOT injecting experimental biological agents into black folks racist. Seems like we’re living in a whole other world these days.

Lance Livestrong


Be careful, some on here my slap you with the "Q" label!

The party of "inclusiveness" is a lie. The voters, and thats all of us, have been on a fools errand for decades.

The "For the People" act is another disgrace and slap in the face, wipe to the @ss rather, to our once great Constitution. Now, courtesy of the Communist party, the Feds will run the bingo when it comes to state elections. Total control. We'll never have a decent man or woman for the people in the executive office ever again. Thats the goal. Both sides screamed for forty years, "We dont need another politician as President!" You saw what happened, even before the man was elected.

Double Sic, Double Semper, double Tyrannis. Strength in numbers, not in dollars.


Stephanie Richardson

So, which way do you want it? On the one hand I continue to hear that minorities are STILL afraid of being used for experiments....bunk.....while, on the other hand, others just do not

sign up. Nobody is getting preferential treatment, so those who are yet agaun, trying to make this issue something it is NOT, need to stop.

Lance Livestrong

This is just the beginning of the downfall....


Comment deleted.
Lance Livestrong


Shouldn't you care that Obama refused to fund Anthony Fauci's pet project in collaboration with the Wuhan lab? Look what happened as a result...Our tax dollars fund the Wuhan lab. Shouldn't that concern you more than what comes out of Trump's mouth? You wont educate yourself, most people aren't intersted in the truth. They rather watch T.V. and get angry at people who they cant reach common ground with. Its called, mind CONTROL.


Comment deleted.

Based on your previous posts my sincere condolences for the loss of your mother. That said you seem to be consumed with hate and rage and are just as bad if not worse than the ones you accuse with your broad brush blanket comments and accusations. Those that stormed the Capitol should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Those that delayed the National Guard should be held accountable. Many of us "whites" dislike Trump and much of what he stands for as much as you, maybe even more. I registered on the open to the public PWHD website the first day it was available to 65+ and my wife and I were able to schedule appointments through the CDC and VAMS that day. There was no lying or scamming. If you can't provide a factual rational opinion then don't insult yourself and others.

Montrese Ham

I rarely get sick...when I do, it's no more than 3 days and I'm 100%....Why would i destroy what works naturally for a vaccine??? My immune system was made perfect by the Creator!

John Dutko

Leukemia is just the Creator touching you!


Thinking about identifying as black, just to even up the percentages.




Has the medical and first line providers been taken into account they should not be taken into account because they may be more likely to be white, Middle eastern and Asian These exempt groups should not be counted because their vaccination slots were never available to the general public.

Stephanie Richardson

Get in line and stop making it about race. How stupid. Always have to have victims as an answer for everything. Truth is...some just do not want the vaccine.

Lynne June

When I registered for the vaccine, I declined the question indicating my racial/ethnic identification. I just didn’t see the relevance.

Lance Livestrong

Absolutely, good thinking on your part.


Like that Del. Torian, wanting to collect these kinds of details when the police pull somebody over, so he can control law enforcement protocol and come up with a reason to cry racism when applicable.

Nothing worse than a shepherd that is willing to pander to his own flock, for his own personal and political gain. No better than Osteen, and many others. You want a relationship with God? Rule #1, dont "find" a church, find salvation from within. Then you may or may not be led to the right flock. Individualism over collectivism, especially when it pertains to ones spirit.

Mike Vasquez


I'm a minority and I feel this is more of a sh­itty rollout of vaccines rather than some racist lizard-people conspiracy to vaccinate only white people.

I've been on the waitlist a while, I've heard news stories of people joining facebook groups in order to get vaccines quicker than being on the waitlist. Something's wrong and it's this county's rollout of the vaccines.


Also, they do not know the demographics of 1/3 of the people getting shots! The data, and therefore this analysis, is garbage. Talk about burying the lead....the real story is that PWC is WORST county in the state of Virginia in distributing these shots! So the best way to take attention away from their incompetence is to holler RACIST!

Terri Benton

We went almost 2 months after registering and following the process of how we supposedly 'could' get an appt but nothing., I spent hours a day on the phone and the internet but nothing. I wrote to my BOC supervisor, state rep and state Senator and only the supervisor even bothered to reply but she could not offer any good way to get an appt and its not her fault...its the county's fault.

I heard too many stories from friends about young healthy people and others...none who were even registered getting shots because they MERELY accompanied someone who was eligible and two young adults who got shots because they smoked...are you kidding ? My hubby is 65 and has several serious medical conditions and is very exposed all over the place where he works as he maintains the building.. I was livid and those who are NOT eligible getting shots and was willing to give up my waitlist place to him but still nothing. To add to the misery my registration was very very low so I should have been called long ago. I finally used an unpublished number I got from my doctor's office and got appts for my hubby and myself and got first dose this week. At the vaccination place I am pleased to say that there was a good mix of white/brown/ black people and the process was very well organized. We are white by the way.

Lance Livestrong

I like your Koala.



just a stupid racist article




Out of curiosity Nolan, what is the demographic distribution of the Price William County citizens that make u0 the 1A and 1B categories? THAT would make for a much more accurate and telling comparison to see if there is a real disparity in how the vaccines are being delivered! Comparison to the totality of PW County citizens may be a very misleading comparison.



Duke Nukem

[thumbup] Good point. Clearly you are too intelligent to be a "news" blogger. Also maybe they don't want to take it. Democrats told me POCs don't like to take vaccines months ago. Look out minority POCs the dems you voted for are going to force you to get vaccinated. Clearly the only solution here is for everyone involved to resign citing racism.

George Lawton

LMAO...more race baiting from pajama boy Nolan Stout, still thinks he’s at the Daily Progress I guess. You can give my shot to whoever wants it, I won’t be taking it.




I personally have found it difficult to get a vaccine period.


You must not be white enough.



Liz Schoechle

Maybe there is an ignorance Factor involved...maybe the trust factor is in question ...they are NOT worried about letting "uninvited guests" from the border w/ covid into our country!!The public is tired of the lies and BS!!!

Lance Livestrong

They're transforming any and all provisions of current border protection to make sure drug traffiking and human traffiking still exists. The Bushs, the Clintons, and the Bidens are very fine experts and collaborators on these crimes against humanity, it is all on the record. They are the biggest pieces of shit to ever hold elected office, and have ruined our country for generations. Its a big club, and we aint in it!

Sic Semper Tyrannis



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