Route 1 widening

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Drivers along about a mile of U.S. 1 in Woodbridge now have six travel lanes and bicyclists and pedestrians have a continuous shared-use path and sidewalk from Marys Way to Annapolis Way, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Northbound Route 1 now has three travel lanes and a continuous six-foot-wide sidewalk from Marys Way to Annapolis Way, while southbound Route 1 now has three travel lanes and a continuous ten-foot-wide shared-use path from Annapolis Way to Marys Way.

The Route 1 widening project’s other recently completed components include:

  • Additional turn lanes at the Route 1 and Occoquan Road intersection
  • A new median on Occoquan Road from Route 1 to just south of Horner Road
  • New Route 1 bridge over Marumsco Creek

The improvements aim to reduce congestion and improve safety for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, as well as enhance access to the Woodbridge Virginia Railway Express kiss-and-ride facility. Watch a video of the project improvements here.

Final detail work will occur over the next few weeks with minimal impacts to traffic. The $160 million project is financed with federal, state and Prince William County funding.

Route 1 averages 39,000 vehicles a day within the project limits.


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Seems like all that was needed was to move the bridge support on the 123 ramp after the 95s bridge crossing. Instead the county supervisors found a way to gentrify the corridor. Another way to get disrupt Hispanic and Black communities under the guise of improving the area. The real racism is in the county planning and supervisors department. The road improvements were a way for the supervisors to pad the pockets of their donors. This county is corrupt all the way back to the civil war. Democrats need to leave the Old Dominion alone and take all your dumb statues with you. Everyone knows the real party of oppression


Sir this is a Wendy's.

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