Wild offender broke into family's home, holed up in bathroom. Courtesy Loudoun County Animal Services

Late one night last week, a Loudoun family heard a window breaking and strange noises in their home.

They quickly called Loudoun County Sheriff's Office to report the suspicious activity. Deputies responded and found the suspect had barricaded themselves in the bathroom. The culprit in this situation was about 3 feet tall with shiny black feathers, scaly legs and a yellow beak. It was determined it would take a specialized team to extract this offender, you see, he was a wild turkey.

Humane Law Enforcement Officer Breslin responded to the call for backup and thanks to the help and teamwork of Sergeant Outlaw and Deputy Rafter from LCSO, they were able to secure the offending bird.

The rogue turkey was taken into custody, transported to and released in the front yard.

"We’re happy to report that while the turkey did take out the entire window in the family’s home, he was unhurt and quickly fled the scene to roost in a nearby tree," Loudoun Animal Services said in a Facebook post.

"When asked for comment on why he had committed this crime, he responded 'gobble, gobble.' Officers remain unsure of the turkey's true motives, but have suspicions that he may have been planning on stealing the family's toilet paper."


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Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Thank you for writing about this irregular news story. I loved the style in which it was written too! It gave me a laugh & kept me smiling for a while. Thank you!


Such an enjoyable and absolutely adorable story about the Turkey. So refreshing 😊


The turkey was identified as a registered democrat and quickly released due to COVID-19 restrictions. No charges will be filed.


You need a tight slap across the face, you make everything about politics.


So you are in to S&M are you? Take it somewhere else.

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