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President-elect Joe Biden  

Were Northern Virginia not part of Virginia, President Donald Trump would have won the state's electoral votes.

Updated counts from the Virginia Department of Elections show that President-elect Joe Biden, a Democrat, defeated Trump by over 520,000 votes in Northern Virginia, defined as the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William and the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas and Manassas Park.  Biden won over 69% of the region's vote, compared to just 29% for Trump.

Across the rest of Virginia, Trump, a Republican, defeated Biden by about 70,000 votes, winning 50.2% to Biden's 47.9%.  The Northern Virginia turnout of 1.31 million accounts for just under 30% of the total state turnout of 4.46 million voters, which set a record.

The updated statewide numbers include mail-in absentee ballots that were postmarked on or before Election Day, Nov. 3, and received by elections officials before noon on Friday, Nov. 6.  Localities had until Tuesday to certify their results to the state, and the Department of Elections is scheduled to certify the state's election results on Monday, Nov. 16. Virginia has 13 electoral votes.

The statewide totals as of Thursday afternoon show Biden with 2.41 million votes, or 54.1%, to 1.96 million for Trump, or 44%.  Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen received about 64,700 votes, or 1.5%, and 19,670 write-in votes were cast, or 0.4%.  Biden's margin of victory, 10 percentage points, was generally in line with most statewide polls.  In many other states, Biden did not do as well as polls indicated he would.

In Northern Virginia, Biden finished significantly better that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton did in 2016. Clinton won about 63.6% of the region's vote and defeated Trump by about 390,000 votes in the region that year. She won the statewide vote by 5 percentage points. 

Other updated results from the Department of Elections:

- Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Warner won about 50,000 more votes than Biden statewide in defeating Republican challenger Daniel Gade.  Warner, who will be serving his third term in the Senate, has 56% of the vote to 44% for Gade. 

- The closest congressional race was in the 7th District, where Democrat Abigail Spanberger is about 8,000 votes in front of Republican challenger Nick Freitas, a lead of 50.8% to 49%.  Spanberger has been declared the winner in the race, clinching her second term. 

- In the hotly contested 5th District race, Republican Bob Good defeated Democrat Cameron Webb by about 20,000 votes, 52.4% to 47.3%.  Good will take the seat currently held by Denver Riggleman, who lost the nomination to Good.

- The state constitutional amendment creating a bipartisan redistricting commission easily passed, with 65.6% of the vote. 

Complete updated results are on the Department of Elections website

Northern Virginia vote by locality - 2020 Presidential Election

SOURCE: Virginia Department of Elections data as of Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020.

County/City Biden Trump Others Total Votes
Alexandria City 66,240 14,544 1,724 82,508
Arlington County 105,344 22,318 3,037 130,699
Fairfax County 419,943 168,401 12,479 600,823
Fairfax City 9,174 4,007 302 13,483
Falls Church City 7,146 1,490 183 8,819
Loudoun County 138,372 82,088 3,402 223,862
Manassas City 10,356 6,256 356 16,968
Manassas Park City 3,992 1,979 116 6,087
Prince William County 142,863 81,222 3,971 228,056
Region Totals 903,430 382,305 25,570 1,311,305
Pct. 68.9% 29.2% 1.9%
Rest of Virginia 1,509,477 1,580,012 59,737 3,149,226
Pct. 47.9% 50.2% 1.9%
STATE TOTALS 2,412,907 1,962,317 85,307 4,460,531
Pct. 54.1% 44.0% 1.9%

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(30) comments


Makes sense! NOVA is mostly transients. Liberals who flock here for high paying jobs, while bringing their socialist values with them. Sad


The Democrats used to pretend they were the party of common people. They never really were, but now they don't even claim to be. They are the party of corporate cronies and big tech promoting globalists ideas in partnership with the Chinese Commies and their UN gophers. And the news media is fully onboard. Dishonest to their core.History will look back at this period very negatively.


I rather doubt you'd know a socialist even if Eugene Debbs snuck up behind you and gave you a wedgie.


There are socialists like Bernie Sanders, and he is a real socialist every bit as socialist as Eugene Debs, and then there is the cronies element of the Democratic Party (the majority right now) who are in it for greed and power and they wink and nod at their corporate supporters and support legislation that will enable globalists. This second group puts money deals with foreign countries, especially China, higher on their priorities list than the needs of the American poeople. They try to stir up the ignorant socialists enough to maintain power, but they really have a rough balancing act since so many of their supporters are big international corporate goons and at some point the ignorant socialists may catch on.


Saw this article after reading another article that Biden won more than 54% of pwc votes more than any nominee since 1944, when Roosevelt did! I found that very hard to believe.


Most of the "transients" in NOVA are from other parts of the commonwealth (myself included). And you realize Biden isn't a socialist, right?


Some of the richest counties in America. The majority of them working for the federal government waiting on that sweet early retirement package. So what party again is the party of the rich? How many billions do the dems spend to elect their socialist leaders? What class of people will be most impacted by Biden opening the flood gates to illegal immigration? The poor? Are the poor still voting for democrat handouts that will not come? Wake up people.


Sounds like you would support Biden's tax plan and repealing the 2017 Tax and Jobs Act, based on your gripes.


PLEASE tell me how uncle Joe is going to fix the world?


Highly educated population centers trend left of center. This is not a surprise.


You mean highly indoctrinated?


Trump supporter are highly indoctrinated, they are forcibly brainwashed by Facebook feeds YouTube conspiracy videos, Fox News, and now OANN, Breitbart and other sites designed to appeal to their fears and anxieties which conservatives are known to be more prone to.


Right. Fortunately, there are unbiased sources such as CNN and MSNBC where we can get nothing but pure news.


CNN and MSNBC are better than any of the aforementioned "sources" I stated, not saying their perfect but they are still better than the media I previously mentioned.


Your political persuasion determines what you watch and all of the media play to their crowd. You do have those on the right that watch FNC, OAN, Newsmax etc. They read Breitbart, National Review, Washington Examiner and the Federalist. Those on the left watch CNN and MSNBC and read The Nation, Huffington Post, Daily Beast and the Washington Post


On the average Liberals are better educated and far less susceptible to indoctrination according to the scientific research. Moreover MRI research have the parts of the brain that deal with reality checking, conflict detection and nuanced reasoning tend to be larger and more active among Liberals and those on the left especially when compared to right wingers.


I don't think you know what you're talking about. The research is very clear, In my political research database, study after study shows that endorsing liberal/left of center ideology is positively related to education and intelligence. On the other hand, they are negatively related to endorsing conservative/tRumpian ideology.

How many studies would you like me to cite, So far I've collected well over 100, ranging from studies that used sample sizes in the tens of thousands to smaller studies using around 100 to 200 people.

But hey that's sciencey stuff something most wingnuts seem to have difficulty with, just look at their Dear Leader's response to COVID-19 and Climate Change. Myself I follow what Neil DeGrasse Tyson said:

The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.

― Neil deGrasse Tyson


Including college professors that present their fair and unbiased thinking to our kids, right?



For those that went to reputable centers of higher learning, the students learned from a multitude of primary texts and then would apply and develop critical thinking skills based on that interpretation.

For example, James Hammond, a politician from South Carolina, made some dubious claims in his speech "Cotton is King (March 4th 1858):

"In all social systems there must be a class to do the menial duties, to perform the drudgery of life. That is, a class requiring but a low order of intellect and but little skill. Its requisites are vigor, docility, fidelity. Such a class you must have, or you would not have that other class which leads progress, civilization, and refinement. It constitutes the very mud-sill of society and of political government; and you might as well attempt to build a house in the air, as to build either the one or the other, except on this mud-sill. Fortunately for the South, she found a race adapted to that purpose to her hand. A race inferior to her own, but eminently qualified in temper, in vigor, in docility, in capacity to stand the climate, to answer all her purposes. We use them for our purpose, and call them slaves. We found them slaves by the common “consent of mankind,” which, according to Cicero, “lex naturae est.” The highest proof of what is Nature’s law. We are old-fashioned at the South yet; slave is a word discarded now by “ears polite;” I will not characterize that class at the North by that term; but you have it; it is there; it is everywhere; it is eternal."

As a student you are presented with subjects that challenge your worldview. And if you come out unchanged, you have learned nothing and wasted money for a piece of paper.


Do you see anything outside your biases? That is a pretty extreme stereotype that's not seen outside of the wingnut universe.


Biden is a alien sent to destroy us


This is exactly why I wish NOVA would split off from the rest of Virginia. The Dems do not share my values, and are bringing down the Commonwealth. Let NOVA and DC merge into another state, since we are heading that way anyway. Virginia split before, it can split again. Or, also heard the rest of Virginia could merge with West Virginia once again. It is only fair!


You realize that other parts of VA voted for Biden too? E.g. Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Charlottesville, Roanoke, and more. I love our beautiful commonwealth and the diversity it includes, by the way.


You do realize that Northern Virginia essentially subsidizes the more rural parts of the state. Feel free to separate, but who's going to pay for your welfare check Ralf? As for me I'd love it if my tax bill went down, especially knowing that I'm no longer subsidizing reich wing nutters who live in Butt Hollow VA (just a couple of miles outside of Roanoke).


@larryclyons, your elitism is showing

Allen Muchnick

If you split off NoVA from RoVA, you'd be left with Mississippi.


The headline is misleading and a byproduct of the NoVa elitism that the rest of the commonwealth hates. Other cities and counties in VA voted for Biden, including Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Charlottesville, Roanoke, etc etc etc. And regardless of who you voted for, we are all Virginians. Enough with the toxic divisiveness.

PWC resident since '69

Proof that NoVa voters are not smart or educated after all


Take 30% of almost any state's electorate away in any specific geographic region of the relevant state and you'll have the same outcome. Nothing groundbreaking. Maths. This article doesn't further the understanding of anything; just seems to encourage people to shout about nothing.


Northern Virginia swamp is more vast than the Great Dismal Swamp. Just follow the money ... it's all about easy Government job with benefits etc. -- have to keep that money maker. See the rich government liberal types all the time walking their doggies and driving their Tesla

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