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Stephanie Denise Hillmon

A Prince William County woman faces a felony animal cruelty charge after officers saw her dragging her 8-year-old bichon frise/shih tzu mix on a walk Sept. 10, police said.

Officers were in the area of Etherington Court and Chaddsford Terrace off Spriggs Road when they noticed the dog "on its side being dragged by the accused while on the leash," said Prince William police spokeswoman Renee Carr.

The dog appeared overheated and was not breathing normally. Officers attempted to render aid while animal control officers responded to the scene, but as the dog was being taken to a veterinarian by animal control officers, it died.

On Friday, police charged Stephanie Denise Hillmon, 54, of the 6000 block of 6600 Etherington Court with felony animal cruelty.


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This no good piece of crap should be given the harshest punishment allowed by law. And then that wouldn't be enough. One can only hope she's not allowed to own any animals the rest of her life.


Shame on her. She needs to be leashed and dragged just like she did to her dog. If she couldn't care for it anymore, she should of turned it over to the animal shelter. The type of dog it was, someone would of given it a happy home. Yeah to the police officers that stepped in to help it and make an arrest!!


its sad people like this are around imagine what she would do to a child


I want ya'll to keep this same energy when an unarmed person of color gets shot and killed by a cop. Look up Amber Guyger and what she did.

Catherine Christine

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 21 is National Thank a Police Officer Day. Our Police Officers and Sheriffs do a great job watching over the common good of all. They sacrifice daily for the safety of the entire community. Let’s keep all of them safe this upcoming election by voting Republican as the PWC Democrats are selling our county out to a godless Anti American George Soros and company financed agenda (we don’t want to become San Francisco or Chicago). For this election cycle, voting the Republican ticket locally is really the best thank you we can give these unsung heroes. Thank you Police Officers. Sheriffs and all First Responders. Daily prayers for all of you and your families.


In addition to what PJC said, she needs to have her house and all money taken away from her. From my research she is a retired attorney?! Wow. Unbelievable.


OBLUE You have a wrong forum. This is about dog abuse. As for your comment, It all depends on the circumstances. You can harm a person without a weapon.

Catherine Christine: This is a forum about dog abuse.

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