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Michael Gaines II

A 31-year-old Woodbridge man is jailed on driving under the influence, eluding police and several other charges after a Monday morning pursuit on Interstate 95 in Stafford County.

At 12:45 a.m., Deputy F.A. Martinez initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for speeding, activating his cruiser’s emergency equipment in the area of Garrisonville Road and the Jessica Chaney Bridge, the Stafford Sheriff's Office said in a news release.

Instead of stopping, the driver accelerated towards the on-ramp to I-95 north. Deputy Martinez pursued the vehicle onto I-95 where the vehicle continued to speed.

As the vehicle approached exit 143, it slowed and began to maneuver towards the exit ramp. In an unsuccessful attempt to lose the deputy, the suspect suddenly veered back towards the through lanes of I-95 nearly striking the exit sign, the sheriff's office said. Deputy Martinez followed the suspect back onto I-95 where the pursuit continued.

As the suspect approached the on-ramp from Jefferson Davis Highway, he slowed and turned right on I-95 to attempt to go the wrong direction up the on-ramp. However, the suspect was unable to navigate the turn and collided with the guardrail ending the pursuit, the sheriff's office said. The total length of the pursuit was six-tenths of a mile.

The suspect, Michael Gaines II, 31, of Woodbridge, smelled of alcoholic beverages and had slurred speech, the sheriff's office said. Upon a search of the vehicle, an open container of alcoholic beverage was discovered in the center console. Rounds of ammunition were also found in the trunk, according to the news release.

Gaines was charged with driving under the influence-second offense in five years, eluding, refusal of test, four counts of possession of ammunition by a felon, obstruction of justice, driving without a license, drinking while operating a motor vehicle, and two traffic violations, the sheriff's office said. He was held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail.


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PWC resident since '69

You sure that is not an old yearbook photo of Bernie Mack from HS?

Jimi Weaver

Now that’s funny 😁


He seems pretty enthusiastic about going to jail

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

See that smile? It’s the smile of someone who knows the newly elected officials are on his side. Sadly, it’s all for the wrong reasons.

Martin Geter

Looks very similar the smiles on the thugs faces as they stormed the Capitol, just knowing that they were doing the right thing, snapping condemning selfies as they committed felonies, while thinking they would not be held accountable b/c +rump told them to do so.....I'd like to see their faces now as some of them are facing over 10 years if convicted.

Lance Livestrong

Yep, their "Thugs" alright, you show SwanDive your way to Portland, OR where ANTIFA is even more alive and well, while the District is a ghost-town in lock-down indefinitely with martial-law undeclared but being implemented because of a 3 hour event where the peoples house was moderately stormed, by the people. People died and were injured because U.S. Capitol police were not supported pre and during the events. The Chief had to resign after admitting to requesting for support 6 times leading up to and during the event. While simultaneously a sham impeachment that Chief Justice Roberts doesnt even want to have a part of is going down. Lets support the troops by bringing them in to sleep in parking garages with no threat what so ever. But lets let ANTIFA burn shit, break shit, go to jail, and be released within a matter of hours, and then re-do what they just did, while those officers also stand down and make the choice to just leave the department because they know they're doomed.


Martin Geter

Hawkeye, it doesnt matter how many 100 word essays you post, those Capitol rioters are STILL thugs.

Lance Livestrong

Does the government work for you, or do you work for the government?

We have a two-party tyranny whether you want to believe it or not, but it goes much further, beyond our borders. SwanDive your way into that!

George Lawton

Walking into a public building and taking a selfie is not a crime. It further hurts you’re propaganda when you watch video of police letting people in voluntarily. You’re delusional.

Martin Geter

Taking a selfie while stealing and damaging gov property is not a felony, its stupid and will be used as evidence that you did commit said felony. Make sense now??

John Dutko


Trespassing on Federal property is a crime. Once the mob moved past the barricades and into the building, with the full-on knowledge that the Senate was affirming electoral college votes, it became a crime.

The even bigger crime is why didn't the president do anything for 2 hours?

George Lawton

I love reading all these democrat party soft on crime success stories everyday. Keep em coming.

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