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James Jackson III

A 34-year-old Woodbridge man has been arrested in a stabbing that left three people injured early Wednesday.

Police were called to the County Center Apartments in the 13100 block of Tazanari Way in Woodbridge just before 4:30 a.m. to investigate a fight with weapons. Officers arrived to find three people suffering from stab wounds, Prince William County police spokeswoman Renee Carr said.

The investigation revealed that a verbal altercation escalated inside an apartment and the accused grabbed a knife and stabbed three people --  a 41-year-old man, a 38-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman. A brief struggle ensued, where the accused was also injured, before the parties separated, Carr said.

One victim was flown by helicopter to an area hospital while two victims and the suspect were taken by ambulance to an area hospital, all with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police have charged James Jackson III of the 13000 block of Tazanari Way with three counts of malicious wounding, Carr said.


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There is an incredible amount of violence and crime in this townhouse development. Biden has promised more of this across the nation as he integrates low cost housing into nice communities. If you disagree with him you are a racist.


But the violent car jacking by a white man at LifeTime Fitness in Gainesville, isn't an indictment on Trump? Your hypocrisy is showing, "economic anxiety" isn't why a lot of you support Trump.


Not a word about that incident anywhere on here!


Please post a link. Hadn't heard about it. And it has nothing to do about race. It has to do with the democrats and their interference in our lives, always looking out for the slimeballs and putting their bootheal on the necks of normal people.


Never mind, I found the news article. Does the guy live in low income housing. If he votes, I bet he votes democratic.


No the guy is from Fauqiuer, low income housing doesn't make people violent and the vast majority of criminals are too stupid to care about politics anyway.


Where is swanDip and her smart mouth to say it is Trumps fault?


All of your usual political affiliation gibberish obviously has you confused. I've never made such a claim. Being a Trump nu+ rider obviously has you feeling extra sensitive today [sleep]...Relax....it wall all be over soon.


Why do so many people link these crimes to a supposed political party preference of the perpetrator? People say all the Blacks are probably Democrats and all of the Caucasians are probably Republicans. That sounds pretty racist from either side.


The culture of violence continues....Keep voting blue PWC.


The culture of violence continues.. in your heads, it's always when a non-white commits a crime you say crap like this.


Look at the results, tell me he is wrong?


Your a racist. Mommy is calling time to clean your room. Where are the other 2 cucholds?


and SwanDive will keep on and on and on, like the energizer bunny

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