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The logo for the new joint venture between Inova and GoHealth. 

Inova Health System will partner with GoHealth Urgent Care in a joint venture to operate urgent care centers across Northern Virginia, the companies announced Thursday.

Seven existing Inova Urgent Care locations will transition to Inova-GoHealth Urgent Care centers later this year, with additional Inova-GoHealth Urgent Care centers planned to open over the next several years. The centers will offer on-demand care services through in-person and virtual visits, the companies said in a news release. 

“Combining the remarkable care and clinical excellence that Inova has long been known for with GoHealth’s innovative, consumer-focused, and technology-enabled approach to urgent care operations will enable us to provide an improved patient experience and more accessibility to urgent care in our communities,” said Dr. Steve Motew, chief of clinical enterprise for Inova. “By expanding our urgent care services throughout the region, we will ensure our patients have access to the right care, at the right place, at the right time.”

The Inova-GoHealth Urgent Care centers will serve patients ages 6 months and older by providing a wide array of services for non-life-threatening conditions, including flu, fever, earaches, insect bites, sprains, simple fractures, eye injuries and cuts requiring stitches. Once the centers are open, patients will be able to walk in or go online or to the app to check wait times, save their spot and pre-register, ensuring they can see a clinical provider quickly. Whenever additional care is needed, patients will be connected to primary and specialty care providers within Inova’s network.  

“Northern Virginia has always been a dynamic healthcare market, and we are thrilled to partner with an innovative and progressive partner like Inova to disrupt the status quo and deliver tremendous care, access and value to the communities we will serve,” said Todd Latz, CEO of GoHealth Urgent Care. “Together we will raise the bar for on-demand, omnichannel care and deliver unparalleled patient experiences through patient- and provider-centric technologies, tools and workflows that ensure greater access and higher quality of care.”

GoHealth Urgent Care, based in Atlanta, operates about 200 on-demand care centers across the country in partnership with other health systems. Inova-GoHealth Urgent Care’s centers and virtual platform will be staffed and led by Inova clinicians.

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(2) comments

Will Williams

Prince William county has some of the worst healthcare ever. Inova Sentara Novant they are all terrible. It's like going through a till of test and specialist looking for problems just to get paid. Obama Care and corporate ownership ruined healthcare.

John Dutko

Insurance companies put profit over lives. The ACA just made it a bit more affordable.

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