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The Safe Community Coalition has launched a series of short videos for the community featuring the psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers of the organization’s mental-health committee.

The segments, approximately 10 minutes each, touch on a wide variety of topics designed to help parents and students in dealing with a range of issues, from younger children’s challenges with distance-learning to effective communication strategies when families feel the strain of too much togetherness.

The first six videos feature a range of topical issues:

• “De-Escalating Conflict” addresses how, in this time of learning from home and working from home, conditions are ripe for conflict, yet healthy conflict can be achieved when addressed in a constructive, productive way.

• “Effective Communication” features practical tools to ensure everyone in a family is being listened to, being heard, and being understood.

•  “How to Talk to Your Parents” includes helpful techniques for kids, teens and adults to initiate a conversation without an anticipated negative reaction.

• “Brain Breaks During Distance Learning” focuses on three types of breaks that all ages can use to refocus, release stress and maximize learning potential.

• “Self Care and Calming Techniques” addresses the impact of anxiety on family members and demonstrates ways to regroup.

• “How Are You?” addresses the degrees to which different people are managing in an environment where a secure base can feel elusive.

“We’re excited to launch this video series and connect with the McLean community in a different way from our in-person events,” said Safe Community Coalition president Elizabeth Hale. “The topics chosen by the mental-health professionals correspond to what they are seeing in their private practices, and we felt this was a way the SCC could still help students and families, particularly in this time of great change.”                     

All videos and any accompanying tip sheets are free and available on the Safe Community Coalition Website at Additional videos will be rolling out in the weeks to come.

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