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A Pup’s Valley, Inc.

Please tell us about your business. What products or services does it provide?

A Pup’s Valley offers a beautiful, clean, fun, and safe place for your pup to come play, get pampered, and stay. We offer cage-free dog daycare, as well as overnight boarding with private VIP and kennel suite options. Our grooming spa offers everything from nail trims and baths to full spa and grooming services. Does your pup need some help working on manners? We offer small group training classes in our facility year-round. Our classes include puppy training, basic obedience, and canine good citizen classes.

Were you surprised by your "Best Of" win? Why or why not? Have you won in past years?

We were surprised by our Best Of win this year as we are a brand-new business. We previously owned another dog daycare, boarding, grooming, spa, and training facility, but this was the first year we have won as our new company, A Pup’s Valley, Inc. We are so honored to win this award in our first year!

What do you think is the reason our readers love your business enough to vote it "Best Of"?

We are a small-town, family-owned business that knows our clients. Our clients love that we know each and every pup when they trot in the door. We have a lot of regulars that come several times a week, and those pups get so excited when their parents drive them through town, because when they turn onto Fayette Street they know they are in for a treat and get to play with their friends! We also offer a large outside play area on our amazing outdoor porch. The pups have a field day out there playing and running around. We have a full apartment on site, and one of our staff members lives there full-time, so the pups are never alone if they are boarding with us overnight.

Tell us why you enjoy doing business in Haymarket and how long your business has been located here. 

We love the community here in Haymarket. We moved to Haymarket in 2014 and realized there was a huge need for dog services in the area. Although it took a few years and a lot of hard work, we opened our first dog daycare business in 2019, and in January of 2022, A Pup’s Valley, Inc. was born.

Is there anything else you would like readers to know about your business, any future plans, activities you're supporting in the community, etc.?

Come check us out at Haymarket Day in October this year. It’s a huge turnout. Also, we will be having a fun fall Barktober Festival with our partners in the community: Miss Kibbles, Vets to Pets, and Meg’s Loving Pet Care. Santa Claus is coming November 19th and 20th for a photo opportunity for our clients. Be sure to get on the good list! 

A Pup’s Valley, Inc., A Pup’s Valley, Jim and Andrea Payne, Founders/Owners, 6680 Fayette St, Haymarket, 703-596-3647, apupsvalley.com

This "2022 Best Of" feature appears in the August 2022 issue of Haymarket-Gainesville Lifestyle Magazine. Get your copy here!

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