Cookies & Cream

Please tell us about your business. What products or services does it provide? 

We are an ice cream shop that sells delicious Gifford's Ice Cream as well as homemade cookies and cinnamon rolls. We recently purchased this business that is now merging with Ghosted Concepts, our other business that sells sandwiches, chicken (and more – specifically Nashville Hot Chicken, and BBQ). We love to host private events as well as cater! 

Were you surprised by your "Best Of" win? Why or why not? Have you won in past years?

Yes, we were! We know that there are other great ice cream shops out there so we're excited to be chosen the best! Cookies & Cream has won twice before and Ghosted Concepts won last year for Best All Around Restaurant. 

What do you think is the reason our readers love your business enough to vote it "Best Of"?

The friendly family feel of our shop and staff and, of course, because of the delicious ice cream! 

Tell us why you enjoy doing business in Haymarket and how long your business has been located here. 

Cookies & Cream has been in Prince William County since 2016, and we as Ghosted Concepts have been here for almost two years. We have loved running a business in Haymarket; the entire community has been so supportive and best of all they tell all of their friends about us! 

Is there anything else you would like readers to know about your business, any future plans, activities you're supporting in the community, etc.?

We just recently took over as owners and operators of Cookies & Cream. We are so excited that we get to offer our community great food, great ice cream, and even better service all in one location! We already have a couple of fundraisers lined up for some local organizations and we plan to do more. We love partnering with other local businesses and organizations. 

Cookies & Cream, Carmen and Stephanie Sabia, Owners, 14650 Washington St., Haymarket, 571-222-7092, cookiesandcreamshop.com

This "2022 Best Of" feature appears in the August 2022 issue of Haymarket-Gainesville Lifestyle Magazine. Get your copy here!

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