Many humans foods are OK for pets to have.  However, there are many that could make our pets sick.  Even foods they can safely have can end up causing gastro-intestinal issues if too much is given.  So please, here is an “Ode to Holiday Foods.”

I sit here looking, big brown eyes,

But you must know the hows and whys.

Some foods you love may make me sick,

So dear human, read this quick.

Heed this warning for my best,

Or vet's skills, you may test.

I should not have those chocolate nuts,

I should not lick those coffee cups,

I must not have a bowl of beer,

I do not need such Holiday Cheer.

I must not have those onion rings,

Raw cookie dough or other things. 

I should not have that turkey bone,

With the trash don’t me leave alone.

I must not have those pretty grapes,

They make my tummy act like apes.

That avocado so divine,

Could make my system all unwind.

That food you so lovingly bake,

Please do not share any cake. 

A taste of turkey is OK,

But these words you must obey,

Lots of things you like to pick,

Could make my tummy very sick.

Green beans with no butter,

Should not make my tummy flutter.

A tiny taste of yummy cheese,

Is much safer if you please!

So as you sit down to your meal,

Please make me this little deal.

If your food you must do share,

Do it with ever such care. 

Read those lists and check that chart,

Lest I pull your world apart.

With a vet run in such haste,

The Holidays may go to waste. 

If you love me, throw a stick,

For some foods may make me sick.

Show your love with a toy,

That will fill my heart with joy. 

Though I may plead and I may beg,

Never share that nog with egg.

The Holidays should be fun,

So keep away that buttered bun.

Show holiday fun a safer way,

Forget your food and go with play.

Your wallet shant pay the price,

If to my tummy you are nice. 

So on the interwebs please seek,

At lists foods take a peek,

The ones to avoid and never feed,

Like your uncle’s special mead.


Know where to find an emergency vet,

I am not done, oh not yet,

Peroxide bottles in plain brown,

To help come up what went down.

Please this Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule,

Thanksgiving, New Years, be no fool.

Treat me well my human friend,

A pet safe cookie may Santa send.

A special chew made just for me,

I want to find beneath the tree.

Grandma’s recipe tried and true,

Your food is best for you.

For I am not a human you see,

Please my friend, hear my plea.

Keep me safe, keep me warm.

I do not need your candy corn.

I am your dog I am your cat,

My life is yours that is a fact.

Holiday Foods no need to share.

I just need your love to show you care. 

Study up on safer treats,

And after that, we can eat.

Be my thoughtful, mindful friend,

Throughout the year and ‘til the end.

~ your pet

Karen Peak is the developer of The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project and owner/operator of West Wind Dog Training in Prince William County.

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