Barbra Streisand to release unreleased tracks from her vault on upcoming LP Release Me 2 Content Exchange

Barbra Streisand is set to share previously unreleased songs on the upcoming LP 'Release Me 2'.

Back in 2012, the 'Woman in Love' hitmaker released the 'Release Me' collection, a compilation of rare and previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1967's 'Simply Streisand' and 2011's 'What Matters Most'.

And on August 6, fans will get to hear the songs from the 79-year-old music legend's vault.

Streisand announced on Twitter alongside the artwork of her face: "Release Me 2 - Coming August 6 - A new collection containing previously unreleased tracks from Barbra’s vault."

A track-listing is yet to be shared.

The 'A Star Is Born' star's last studio album was 2018's 'Walls'.

The Hollywood icon's first album in two years was inspired by then-President Donald Trump and the political climate at the time.

Streisand admitted the 2016 presidential election "gave her energy" and the desire to express her views.

She said at the time: "These times gave me energy.

"I felt so passionate about it. And music gave me that creative way to express my feelings.

"I'm very grateful to have music in my life, to be able to do that."

The 'Don't Rain On My Parade' singer confessed that the song 'Don't Lie To Me' was directly aimed at Trump and is her "protest" song.

She said: "It's my protest, in a sense, about this unprecedented time in our history. What it says about America. We have to give up the Electoral College system, that's what I know.

"I think people should vote for the president of the United Status - the popular vote should count. Give people a voice; one vote, one voice."

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