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Dame Diana Rigg's nail technician has turned down the £5,000 left to her in the 'Avengers' star's will.

The veteran actress - who died of cancer aged 82 in September 2020 - used to have manicures and pedicures from Jessica Zhu at the Nail Gallery in west London every few weeks from 2001 and remembered the beautician when it came to deciding how she wanted to divide her £3 million estate, but the 43-year-old salon manager would rather the bequest went to the 'Game of Thrones' star's family.

Jessica told the Daily Mail newspaper: "‘I told Diana’s daughter that the money should go to her grandson because I did what I did out of love. We had a very special relationship."

Jessica had no idea who Diana was until another customer pointed out her famous client.

She said: "She was so generous and down to earth you wouldn’t know... she was happy with simple things in life like a cup of coffee.

"Diana treated all the girls at the salon like family and was a very knowledgeable lady who gave us advice on life.

"We are very fortunate to have had her as a customer."

Jessica visited Diana after she was diagnosed with cancer in March 2020 and continued to see her every other day until her death.

She said: "I was very fortunate that Diana wanted to say goodbye to me when she was ill and in hospital in March. I was with her until her last minute of life because I wanted to be with her. We had the same old chats that we were having in the salon.

"I was very sad when she passed away – she always told me not to be upset when she was dying.

"I didn’t realise Diana left £5,000 for me because I was with her out of love and kindness and told her I did not want anything from her.’"

The £5,000 will now go to four-year-old Jack Stirling Garvey, who is the son of Diana's daughter Rachel Stirling and Elbow frontman Guy Garvey.

Legal documents revealed the 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' actress left around £3 million to her daughter and £280,5000 to other relatives in charities, including £50,000 each to Great Ormond Street Hospital and the St. Christopher's Hospice in south east London, and £20,000 to the Earls Court Youth Club.

Savoy Hotel dining society the Other Club - which was founded by Winston Churchill in 1911 - received £500 to "provide wine at the next gathering after my death and for me to be acknowledged in the menu but not toasted".

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