Caleb Johnson was 'really bummed' when he won American Idol

Caleb Johnson was "really bummed" when he won 'American Idol'.

The 31-year-old musician shot to fame when he placed first on the annual TV singing contest back in 2014 but his victory came as a disappointment because he felt his winning single 'As Long as You Love Me' was "the worst song ever."

He said: "“I knew that, by de facto, if you won you had to sing the song, and the song was just utter c***. Like it was just the worst song ever, It was just a cheesy piece of c***!"

Prior to the release, the 'Hurricane' hitmaker had begged producers to choose a different single but he was told to consider it a "graduation present" after winning the show.

He told Insider: "I pitched a fit about it to the management company and all this stuff. And they were like, look at this as kind of a graduation present or something."

Following his win, Caleb went on tour with the 'American Idol' finalists and described performing the song as a "nightmare" before it was eventually dropped and explained that the single was never given a mainstream release because no music video was filmed.

He said: "We did at the beginning, but they switched it. They switched it about halfway because it just wasn't working. It was not working, and it was a nightmare. They put absolutely no support behind the record. The label wouldn't release the single, there was no single that came out after the record was done. There was no music video. There was nothing."

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