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Don McLean's ex-wife has branded the singer "disgusting" and "merciless" after recently vowing to disinherit their daughter.

The 'American Pie' hitmaker - whose 31-year-old daughter Jackie has alleged emotional and mental abuse by the singer - recently admitted he "stopped supporting" his offspring in 2020, and won't be leaving her $3 million in trust any more, and his former spouse Patrisha McLean claimed he has spent years tormenting his family with "post-separation abuse".

She told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: “That’s what’s happening now. He’s punishing the children. It’s disgusting. He’s merciless. He has no shame. The cruelty knows no bounds.”

The photographer - who split from Don in 2016 - claimed she experienced “physical, sexual, emotional, financial abuse” from the start of her 29-year marriage to the 75-year-old singer, and claimed she made excuses for him because he was "frustrated" at being viewed as a "one-hit wonder".

She said: "In Don’s case, it was that he was a one-hit-wonder and he was very frustrated by that.

“The fact that he would tell me about how he suddenly became famous, everyone wanted something from him, he portrayed it that it was so difficult for him. So I kind of attributed it to that. That’s why he goes into these rages, and I just made excuses.”

Patrisha - who also has son Wyatt with the 'Vincent' singer - confirmed Jackie knew Don would cut her off if she spoke publicly about the alleged abuse, but was keen to speak out on such an important issue.

She said: “She knew if she spoke out, she was going to be disinherited because he told her that all her life. He said, ‘If you ever let anyone know about the abuse, you’re going to be written out of the will.’ He used the will as leverage over all of us all the time.”

The former couple split in 2016 after Don was arrested and charged with misdemeanour domestic violence, to which he subsequently pleaded guilty to four out of six charges in a plea deal.

Patrisha doesn't think her ex-husband will stop speaking out until he dies and thinks the only positive element is that it's driven more people to look up her charitable initiative Finding Our Voices, which shines a spotlight on domestic abuse.

She said: “Ironically, it’s comments like this that make us grow even faster because more and more people find out what Find Our Voices is doing, so he’s promoting our domestic abuse awareness and prevention activities. He’s digging himself deeper every time he opens his mouth because I guess he can’t see how he portrays himself. It’s clear to anyone who knows about domestic abuse.”

Don - who is now dating 27-year-old Paris Dylan - accused his ex-wife of having a "silly vendetta" against him and suggested she should change her surname if she doesn't want to be associated with him any more.

He said in a statement: “I love my children and wish them well. This is just more proof that [Patrisha] doesn’t like that I have had success with my career and she is no longer part of it. I hope she finds peace at some point in her life as I have found peace in mine and have a lovely girlfriend that understands the highs and lows of the music business.

“I’m amazed that this silly vendetta of hers has gone on this long. She continues to never give me any credit for all the good things I did for my family for 30 years. If she has no respect for me, she should call herself Patrisha Shnier since no McLean wants anything to do with her. I have said all I am going to say about my family. I have no anger toward anyone and wish everyone well!”

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