Elizabeth Hurley admits lockdown has changed her life
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Elizabeth Hurley's life has been changed by the COVID-19 lockdown.

The 56-year-old actress has been in "fight-or-flight mode" for the last three decades - but she admits that lockdown has totally transformed her outlook and her approach to life.

She shared: "The lockdowns had a profound effect on me. I came to realize that I’ve been in fight-or-flight mode for 30 years."

The movie star has "been to enough parties to last anyone a lifetime" and is now keen to spend more time at home with her family.

She told the Sunday Times newspaper: "I’ve found time to remember what my instincts were telling me to do rather than being on a constant treadmill of flying once or twice a week, packing endlessly, juggling jobs, juggling everything, not really having much time to sit down, to ever, I don’t know … just sit down."

The 'Bedazzled' star - who has a 19-year-old son called Damian - thinks her life has been "restarted" by the lockdown.

Elizabeth explained that she's now happy to spend her time "writing and gardening", rather than partying.

She said: "I’ve been to enough parties to last anyone a lifetime. Frankly I could stay home and deadhead my roses for ever and it would be fine."

Elizabeth has always been financially independent, and is proud that she's never been reliant on anyone else for money.

The 'Royals' star - who was married to businessman Arun Nayar between 2007 and 2011 - previously said: "I personally have never received a penny from anybody, any boyfriend, any husband, in my entire life.

"I've never wanted to, I've never needed to. My husband and I had the most amicable divorce in the world and my lawyer said it was the cheapest case she'd ever handled because neither of us wanted anything.

"I pay for everything myself and I'm very happy that way."

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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