George Ezra nervous about Platinum Jubilee concert

George Ezra has a touch of impostor syndrome ahead of his performance for Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee.

The 28-year-old singer was the first act confirmed for the BBC's Platinum Party At The Palace event at Buckingham Palace on June 4, with George promising to bring "pop and roll" to the royal residence.

He said in the announcement: "I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert, what an incredible honour to be asked."

And in a new interview with OK! Magazine, the 'Anyone for You' hitmaker has admitted he's feeling nervous about performing for Her Majesty, especially given the music legends, including Diana Ross and Queen, who are also on the bill.

Speaking about feeling overwhelmed returning to the stage for the first time post-pandemic, he said: "I played my first gig in London two weeks ago and just stood at the side of the stage saying, 'How the f*** am I going to do this?

"I have to remind myself that pop music should be fun."

On his Jubilee nerves, he added: "With the Jubilee, it's easy to overwhelm myself and get nervous.

"If I look too far ahead my mind starts to melt.

"I remember these events growing up, and I think I've got a little bit of impostor syndrome.

"Diana Ross is playing, you know."

The 'Shotgun' singer quipped that there will be no funny business should he meet the 96-year-old monarch, who is celebrating 70 years on the throne.

He said: "I haven't met the Queen yet, but I'll be on my best behaviour if I do."

George also revealed he already has a Royal fan in Prince William's wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

He said: "I've heard that Kate Middleton has one or two of my CDs."

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