Iggy Azalea plans to stop posting about her son
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Iggy Azalea has pledged to stop posting things about her son online.

The 31-year-old rap star has taken to Twitter to announce that she's no longer posting comments or images of her 14-month-old son on social media, after reading a series of hurtful messages online.

Iggy - who has Onyx with her ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti - wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "I’ve decided I won’t be posting about onyx or sharing images online anymore.

"Y’all not about to be out here playing with my baby on my watch, nope! (sic)"

The blonde beauty announced the decision after one Twitter user mocked her son's lime green dinosaur outfit.

In response, she said: "Imagine being so miserable that you bully a one year old child for picking his own outfit."

Iggy observed that making fun of her son has become "an ongoing meme right now".

She added: "Y'all so corny and bored and it's really a damn shame. (sic)"

Earlier this month, Iggy revealed she "cannot wait" to start cooking with her baby boy.

The rapper took to social media to recall a funny story from her son's play date and to look forward to the day when they can cook together.

She wrote on Twitter: "My son had a play date today and he kept trying to feed the other little boy imaginary food -

"It was extremely cute.

"The other kid was rightfully confused as hell. Lmao

"He makes the sound like someone pretending to eat too hahahaha (sic)"

Iggy subsequently revealed that she can't wait to cook alongside her son.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker - who was born in Australia but relocated to the US during her teens - wrote: "I cannot wait until he’s old enough to cook with me and we can make all kinds of fun kids meals. (sic)"

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