Jordana Brewster relishes Fast & Furious action scenes Content Exchange

Jordana Brewster loves being part of the action in the ‘Fast & Furious’ films.

The 41-year-old actress plays Mia Toretto in the high-speed action franchise and enjoys looking back on the movies where she is involved in high-octane scenes rather than flicks like the fourth film, ‘Fast & Furious’, where she was on the sidelines.

Jordana told Collider’s Ladies Night: “I’ve seen 5 again, I’ve seen 1 again, I haven’t rewatched 4, but to me it’s very grey.

“It’s set in LA, Paul (Walker’s) in a suit, I’m in this red dress and I have bangs and I’m just very sad and p***** off at him. I just feel like I don’t remember that one super fondly.”

Jordana pinpointed ‘Fast Five’ and the upcoming ‘F9’ as her most memorable movies from the series.

She explained: “It’s 5 that sticks out for me, 9’s gonna stick out now because 9’s really, really good and I get a little more action.

“But yes, it’s always a bummer when I’m not – as I’ve said, I love being part of the action. I don’t just like being a talking head, talking with the boys. It’s fun to get in there and get dirty.”

Jordana also reflected on how she feels a sense of pride when she reflects on the first film, ‘The Fast and the Furious’, as she felt she gave a “tough” and “grounded” performance.

She said: “I recently looked back at 1 and I was actually really proud of myself because I was this kid in college and I worked on how I speak, I worked on making myself a little bit more tough, and I think I really come off as a little bit tougher and I’m really proud of that, and I came off as very grounded.”

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