Kevin Hart: I want to break the stereotype surrounding Black fathers Content Exchange

Kevin Hart wants to break the “stereotypical attachment to what a Black father is”.

The 41-year-old actor has four kids of his own – Heaven, 16, Hendrix, 13, Kenzo, three, and Kaori, eight months – and has said he wants to do what he can to put a stop to the negative stereotypes surrounding Black fathers, especially in movies.

Kevin believes Black fathers are often seen to be “going to jail” in films and television, and with his new movie ‘Fatherhood’ – which tells the story of a single dad raising his daughter after the death of his wife – he’s hoping to show dads “in a positive light”.

He said: "Spending time with my kids is definitely one of the dopest thing that I've been doing.

“There's been a stereotypical attachment to what a Black father is, especially when talking about the big screen. It's not on drugs, it's not going to jail or just getting out of jail, or a deadbeat. This is a film that shows a Black father in a positive light."

Kevin’s new movie is co-produced by Higher Ground, the production company founded by Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama, and the actor said he bonded with the former politician about parenthood.

Speaking to E! News’ Daily Pop, he explained: "I talked to Barack, and our conversation was about the opportunity.

“It's a moment to change that narrative. Barack is a guy that's very much hands-on when it comes to fatherhood. He embraces it and you can see it. His girls love him to death."

Meanwhile, the ‘Man from Toronto’ actor recently said he would describe himself as a “cool dad”.

He said: "I’m the cool dad. But it’s not like dad is the funniest person. They’ve got a list of people funnier than me.

"My kids are on YouTube, they’re on TikTok, they got a whole new generation of people that they love."

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