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They don’t swap bodies, just locations! In the first of two intertwined Hallmark Christmas movies, we meet the Swift sisters: Widowed restaurateur Jennifer (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) heads home in A Hometown Holiday to quaint Hazelwood and tries to create one more night of magic at her late uncle’s old movie theater—with help from her high school debate rival, fellow single parent Eric (Mark Deklin). In Christmas in the City, single Meg (Ashley Williams) comes to Salt Lake City and stays to help Jennifer’s staff prep for a Christmas party contest and sparks with restaurant staffer Joe(Keith Robinson).

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The pair also talk about how it felt to work together as husband and wife in the new Hallmark holiday film.

“It started with us being sisters,” laughs Kimberly during the interview above about how the films got their start. Adds Ashley, “we always wanted to work together, but then I had this idea that we could both have our own movie but have interlocking storylines where we could be in each other’s movies and support each other.”

The real-life sisters put a lot of themselves into the films. Kimberly has done work to preserve the movie theater in Franklin, Tennessee, saying: “To see the community come together and bring it back to life was wonderful.” Their TV mom is played by Anna Holbrook, who was their late mother’s best friend for more than 30 years and inspired them to get into acting and Kimberly’s husband, Brad Paisley, contributes a new song: “I don’t know how we got him,” jokes Ashley. “He’s a fan of my work.”

As for their characters’ respective love interests, Robinson says both films are about more than love. “There is an underlying romance but I think the bigger picture is about family and community,” he says.

Ashley Williams, Kimberly Williams- Paisley in Sister Swap

As for Deklin’s Eric, he and Jennifer have a past rivalry but when they meet again in Hazelwood in A Hometown Holiday, their relationship moves in a different direction. “I’m helping preserve the old family theater and I’ve got my daughter Madzie (Lila Clark) with me. Jennifer and I start working on it together and my old crush is rekindled.”

Though connected, filming both stories wasn’t simple, says Robinson. “We shot them simultaneous. So we would kind of shoot one scene from another angle and shoot it from an opposite angle and then they would end up in either movie. So it was a real creative approach.”

Watch the interview with Kimberly and Ashley above.

Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday premieres December 5 at 8/7c while Sister Swap: Christmas in the City airs December 12 at 8/7c, both on Hallmark Channel.

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