Mandy Moore jokes son might need therapy over her older This Is Us look Content Exchange

Mandy Moore joked her baby son might need "therapy" after seeing her aged up for 'This Is Us'.

The 37-year-old actress' portrayal of Rebecca Pearson in the NBC drama series requires her to transform to both older and younger versions of the character and she quipped she was worried her facial alteration would have a traumatic effect on her two-month-old son August, who is known as Gus.

Mandy shared a video of herself in full ageing make-up while breastfeeding the tot and said in the Instagram Story clip: "That's a wrap on season five. Now I'm just feeding my child. I hope he's not gonna need therapy for this later."

Later in the day, Mandy - who is married to Taylor Goldsmith - shared another video of herself in bed and with all traces of the character removed, and expressed her gratitude for the longevity of the drama series.

She told her fans: "Just got home and got into bed and feeling really grateful.

"I cannot believe we've done 88 episodes of television. It is beyond my wildest dreams and comprehension. And just feeling incredibly grateful to have a job that I am so fulfilled by, and so grateful to all of you who continue to watch and support the work that all of us are doing, especially during such strange times over this past year.

"So, thanks for hanging in there with us. And more to come!"

Mandy recently admitted she feels "very lucky" she has had no problems breastfeeding her son.

She said: : "I feel - knock on wood - very lucky. I think maybe because I had such a gruelling labour, the gods were smiling down on me in terms of breastfeeding. Because it's been, knock on wood, relatively easy. He latched immediately. I haven't had any issues with supply. He is a very hungry, well-fed dude."

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