Miranda Lambert: I want to advocate for my friends in the LGBTQ community
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Miranda Lambert wants to be “part of the change” in advocating for the wider acceptance of the LGBTQ community.

The 37-year-old country superstar has admitted she still has “so much to learn” about the struggles of the LGBTQ community, but has said she is willing to get educated and do her part to advocate for the rights of her peers.

Miranda – whose brother Luke is openly gay – said: “I do think we are in a moment of change and I have so much to learn. I am always sensitive, I always call my brother because I want to make sure I say the right things.

“I know I am uneducated, but I am full of love. Being in a family where I am surrounded by LGBTQ people, it has me learning and figuring out how I can be a part of the change and still be the same person I have been as an artist for 20 years. I don’t see why those worlds can’t mesh. I speak up about things I care about! If I can be a part of this change in any way … I always want to do that.”

The ‘Before He Cheats’ hitmaker added that while she shies away from political topics, she doesn’t believe the rights of others should be up for debate.

She explained: “I just think they should be equal, it shouldn’t even be a question. I never get into any kind of politics, but this to me is not political, it’s about people loving each other and supporting each other, and that has nothing to do with anything but your heart. I am full on ‘y’all do y’all!’ ”

Miranda enlisted the help of her brother and his husband for her first-ever dance remix on ‘Tequila Does (Telemitry Remix)’, and said filming the music video for the track has helped bring her closer to her sibling.

Speaking to GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos, she said: “For a family, you all go through that together, you support in whatever way you can. It is a journey. We have come a long way from him struggling and figuring that out to now being in this video with me. It’s been a really cool sibling bonding for us, and for our family. It’s not an easy road all of the time, so this whole process of being with Luke and all of his friends, they come to my shows and they teach me a lot. More importantly, it is being with great people and loving them, no matter what shape, size, colour, or anything!”

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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