Sarah Hyland 'can't wait' to marry Wells Adam Content Exchange

Sarah Hyland "can't wait" to marry Wells Adams.

The 'Modern Family' star is so ready to tie the knot with her fiancé, after having their wedding postponed owing to the coronavirus pandemic, and nodded towards their impending nuptials as she marked his birthday with a sweet social media post.

Writing on Instagram, she said: "It's the love of my life's birthday!!!! Thank you for always dancing silly, singing loudly, laughing contagiously, and loving endlessly. I miss you more than words can say and, if it's possible, I love you even more than that. Since we can't be together, I'd like for everyone to do a classic @wellsadams shimmy in celebration of you! To Pluto and Back Sugar Balls. Can't wait to finally marry you one day. (sic)"

It comes after Sarah revealed she has put her wedding plans "on hold" amid the pandemic.

Speaking about the couple's plans, she said: "We have no plans as of right now. We've put all planning on hold. All of my family is mostly on the East Coast, so for them to fly out ... and just ages and of course with my health risks, we want to be as safe as possible."

Wells admitted they hadn't bothered making plans because of the health crisis.

He explained: "There are no plans. I think the thought was that we would originally start thinking about that around this time and now that this is happening, you know, what's the point of even trying to get something solidified with everything being so up in the air?"

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