Shawn Mendes says lockdown with Camila Cabello was 'special' Content Exchange

Shawn Mendes' time in lockdown with Camila Cabello was "special".

The 23-year-old singer dated Camila, 24, for two years before they recently announced their split - but Shawn relished spending time in lockdown alongside the brunette beauty.

Speaking to Rollacoaster Magazine - in an interview thought to be conducted prior to their split - Shawn explained: "I spent most of the pandemic in Miami with Camila and her family, it was beautiful, truly so special. I often go back to look at photos and the simplicity of that time, we were lucky. It was nice, just riding bikes.

"I hadn't joyfully ridden my bike around a neighborhood since I was 12 before that. We were making dinner, just doing normal things. The Latin culture is also just so beautiful, so being able to immerse myself in that culture is always really healing."

Shawn also discussed his mental health, revealing he uses a breathing technique to help ease his anxiety.

He said: "Usually when I'm feeling worried, I like to take a step back and do some breathing. There's a ton of different breath work you can do...

"One that really helps me is four, seven, eight breathing. Another one I do is the Wim Hof method. I find it really resets my system. So those are usually my two methods I use when I'm feeling upset, anxious, or nervous."

Meanwhile, Shawn has opened up about his long-term career ambitions, explaining that he wants to make a "positive contribution".

He shared: "Musically and personally, I just want to continue to make music that I'm proud of and make music that people connect with...

"If I can just keep playing shows and hopefully inspiring people, being a positive contribution, then I'll be really happy."

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