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During the 2021 TCA Summer Press Tour, TNT announced the highly anticipated return of the hit dramedy Claws: Its fourth and final season will premiere on December 26. And the first trailer offering a peek into what’s coming up promises a dramatic and manicure-filled final battle for Niecy Nash-Betts’ Desna Simms and the rest of her nail salon crew.

After Season 3 ended in August 2019 with the Bayside Rapture Casino up in flames, Desna and her crew are looking for a new start. “If we wanna live the American Dream, ain’t nobody gonna do it for us but us,” she says.

However, that new start comes with new crime, as the crew plans to steal oxycontin from Uncle Daddy (Dean Norris) and sell it “right underneath the fat man’s nose.” Unfortunately, Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes) rats them out but tells him, “We don’t have to kill her to destroy her.” However, Uncle Daddy’s mind is set on revenge, as we hear him say, “You’re gonna wish you never crossed me,” presumably to Desna.

Following shots of Uncle Daddy in a fighting ring, the girls in a casino, and more illegal activity, the trailer ends with a standoff between Desna and Quiet Ann, each with their guns pulled. Desna pulls the trigger, but it’s unclear whether or not Quiet Ann was shot. Watch the trailer above for more.

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The series also stars Carrie Preston, Karrueche Tran, Jenn Lyon, Kevin Rankin, Jason Antoon, and Harold Perrineau. The series is executive produced by creator Eliot Laurence and showrunners Sharon Lee Watson and Emily Silver, along with Janine Sherman Barrois, Rashida Jones, and Will McCormack. Jones and McCormack’s Le Train Train produces the show for TNT in association with Warner Bros. Television.

'Claws,' TNT, Season 4 Poster, Judy Reyes as Quiet Ann, Carrie Preston as Polly Marks, Niece Nash as Desna Simms, Jenn Lyon as Jennifer Husser, Karrueche Tran as Virginia Loc


Claws, Season 4 Premiere, Sunday, December 26, 9/8c, TNT

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